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Boy on PA TV: Goal is "to boycott Israeli products and fight the Jews, kill them" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Mar. 25, 2015

PA TV reporter: "Instilling the culture of boycotting occupation products in the hearts of children ‎and adolescents was the goal that led the [PA] Ministry of Education to place this issue at the center of ‎all school activities throughout the homeland... Through creative activities, [students] expressed ‎different views about support for national products and resistance through boycott.‎"
Boy participating in the theater contest at a school in Hebron: "I came to rehearse the play in order to boycott Israeli products and fight the Jews, kill them, and ‎defeat them. The goal is to boycott Israeli products.‎"
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Fatah: Terrorist involved in attacks that killed Israelis who also murdered a Palestinian "collaborator" "is a wonderful example for the children of Palestine" 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, Feb. 19, 2015
     “The hero of the famous Ein Arik operation (i.e., terror attack), the heroic Martyr (Shahid) prisoner Shadi Said Al-Saaideh… Shadi is a wonderful example for the children of Palestine, its youth and heroes of Palestine. He was born from the womb of Palestinian suffering on March 8, 1981 in a diaspora refugee camp in Jordan, and returned to the Gaza Strip after the signing of the Oslo Accords… With the start of the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., the PA terror campaign 2000-2005) he joined Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.
The famous Ein Arik operation:
On February 19, 2002, he [Al-Saaideh] drew his weapon in defense of his homeland and his nation. He went towards the Ein Arik military checkpoint, near the village of Ein Arik, west of Ramallah, together with one of his comrades in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and carried out a glorious operation (i.e., terror attack) which will continue to shine in the books of the resistance and the self-sacrificing operations (Fida'i).
Shadi, the hero of the famous Ein Arik operation – that extraordinary self-sacrificing operation which shocked the Israeli security establishment and rocked the occupation to its very foundations. For he shot at Israeli soldiers gathered at the Ein Arik military checkpoint, killing 8 soldiers and wounding others, before he and his friend succeeded in retreating.”

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Fatah leader in Jenin: Youth must “continue ‎walking the path of the Martyrs” 
Source: Fatah-run Awdah TV, Feb. 12, 2015
Fatah-run Awdah TV broadcast from an event ‎held in honor of the Lion Cubs and Flowers ‎Institution (Fatah Youth Institution for Young ‎Boys and Girls) in Jenin.‎
     ‎“Fatah Secretary in Jenin Ata Abu ‎Rmeileh: ‘These activities are of utmost ‎importance. Fatah’s Jenin branch has ‎been holding them through the Lion Cubs ‎and Flowers Institution [Fatah Youth ‎Institution for Young Boys and Girls]… ‎Adherence to the Palestinian principles: ‎The right of return, the [Palestinian] state ‎and Jerusalem as the capital of the State of ‎Palestine. These [young] generations ‎must be molded according to those ‎principles, so that they will continue ‎walking the path of the Martyrs ‎‎(Shahids), foremost among whom is ‎Martyr Yasser Arafat; of those who fought ‎in South Lebanon, utterly humiliating the ‎Israelis; the RPG generals (i.e., young ‎Palestinian boys who fired RPGs at Israeli ‎tanks during the first Lebanon war in ‎‎1982); of the Institution’s girls and boys in ‎the Jenin refugee camp and all around the ‎homeland, who manufactured simple ‎Palestinian hand grenades, fought the ‎occupation and defeated this occupier. ‎This generation must keep this trust, in ‎order to realize these [Fatah’s] principles…‎ This occupation must be fought in all areas ‎of life, including [those of] education, ‎struggle, boycotting Israeli products, ‎resistance to the settlers and popular ‎resistance.”‎
Girl on PA TV: Muslims, Christians and Jews "are all the same and if we don’t love each other, it’s a big problem" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 15, 2015
Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning about a play entitled “The School,” about religious tolerance. The play included a song entitled “The Quran, the New Testament and the Torah” in Nablus.
Girl who participated in the play: “Through the song, ‘The Quran, the New Testament and the Torah,’ I discovered that we are all brothers (i.e., Muslims, Christians and Jews) and no girl is different from the other – we are all the same and if we don’t love each other it’s a big problem.”
Girl sings Haifa and Jaffa is “Palestine” at PA ministry festival 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 9, 2015

This song was performed at a festival organized by the PA TV children's program
The Best Home, held in cooperation with the PA Ministry of Tourism:

Lyrics: "By Allah, oh traveling [bird], I burn with envy.
My country Palestine is beautiful.
Turn to Safed, and then to Tiberias,
and send regards to the sea of Acre and Haifa.
Don't forget Nazareth, the Arab fortress,
and tell Beit Shean about its people's return."
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PA TV children's program: "Treachery has been their [Jews'] nature from the days of Moses" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 26, 2014
Official PA TV children’s program The Best Home.

Girl tells a story: “This home was the home of our father, and the foreigners came to banish us. After all, we and they were friends and loved each other long ago. Jonah helped Fatima with the laundry and Fatima boiled milk for her, and lit the candle for her on Sabbath. It never occurred to us to hurt them, but the truth is that after a few years they took over our land although they never [even] walked the whole of it. Rather, they were scattered in different places, and this doesn’t tell us they have historical roots in Palestine. We are not surprised, since treachery has been inherent in them from the days of Moses the prophet until the present day. May any exploiter’s trickery return upon his own neck. Say Amen with me.”

Girl recites a poem by Mahmoud Darwish:
“Write down!
I am an Arab.
You have stolen the orchards of my ancestors
And the land which I cultivated
Along with my children
And you left nothing for us
Except for these rocks.
So will the State take them
As it has been said?!
Write down on the top of the first page:
I do not hate people
Nor do I encroach
But if I become hungry
The usurper's flesh will be my food
Of my hunger
And my anger!”

PA TV host: “Bravo, you are wonderful, really talented! What do you think of this – come every once in a while and tell us a story with your beautiful style.”
PA TV to kids: All of "occupied Palestine" will "return to us" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 19, 2014

PA TV host: "I'm happy with Linda because she wears a map of Palestine, dear children, which includes all of Palestine - occupied Palestine - that will return to us one day. Thank you, Linda dear, I love you very much."
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PA TV host of children’s show promotes non-violence 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 19, 2014
Official PA TV program The Best Home showed a young girl named Linda singing a song.
Song text: 

“They have burdened you with concern for the homeland;
They have wrapped you in it since you were small.
Even the day you died a Martyr (Shahid), they did not allow the procession to march.
They banned the song and the prelude, imprisoned the poet and the singer.
They forced a life of humiliation [on us]; They killed the street and the masses.
Keep standing firm; woe to you should you bow your head;
He who bows his head lives in humiliation.
Rise above glory and march; draw a machine gun on your arm;
If they stop my voice or pen, teach my songs by heart, do not forget.
If they stop the word inside the poet’s heart,
It must explode.”
Official PA TV host: “Bravo. Your voice is beautiful. You’re so talented. Bravo. But we always challenge the occupation – how? With our love of life, with our smiles, with our hope, with our search for happiness and by continuing along our path to happiness.”
Girl on PA TV: “My toys are the stone ‎and rifle”‎ 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Nov. 28, 2014
Official PA TV program The Best Home ‎broadcast a young girl singing a song ‎entitled “I am a Palestinian child”‎:

Girl: ‎‎“I am a Palestinian child; ‎
My childhood – between stone and fire.‎
I grew up among bombs and destruction.‎
My toys are the stone and rifle.‎

My drawing is my ruined home.‎
My book is the number of Martyrs ‎‎(Shahids).‎
My school is behind the wall.‎
My colors are my country’s flag:‎
‎ ‎
Red is the blood of the Martyr.‎
Green is our renewed hope.‎
Black is mourning for Palestine
White is victory over the usurpers.‎

Ask not where my childhood is,‎
For it lies buried beneath ruins and ‎ashes.”‎

Official PA TV host: “My sweetie. These ‎words are full of meaning.”‎
PA TV kids' program: Israel is “our lands occupied in 1948… ‎until all of Palestine is liberated” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Nov. 28, 2014

Official PA TV program The Best Home:
Official PA TV host: “My friends, the ‎singers [we just heard] were Fatafit, from ‎our lands occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel). ‎My young friends, these are the lands ‎Israel occupied in 1948. There are still ‎Palestinians living there, but they are ‎under the full control of the Israelis, ‎unfortunately. Yet, everything inside them ‎is Palestinian. Their entire message is ‎Palestinian, and they will continue to ‎protect our lands there, until the day ‎when all of Palestine is liberated.”‎
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Cartoon promotes rock-throwing 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 2, 2014

Text: “Purification before prayer is performed with stones.”

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official Palestinian daily, published a cartoon alluding to the Islamic custom of purification before prayer. In general, purification is performed with water; if there no water is available, sand is used. The cartoon shows a father handing his son a slingshot and telling him that purification before prayer is performed with stones.
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Official PA TV host: “What Israel? It's our land”‎ 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 4, 2014

Boy, guest on show: “I have never entered Israel or Gaza.”‎
TV host: “What Israel? It's our land.”‎
Boy: “Israel is our land – the 1948 lands.”‎
Host: “It's our land, occupied Palestine.”‎
Boy: “The 1948 lands.”‎
Host: “Our land, occupied Palestine. It's Haifa, Jaffa, Acre (i.e., Israeli cities). These are ‎our occupied lands, the 1948 lands that Israel occupied in 1948. Israel occupied them ‎in 1948. These are Palestinian lands and will remain Palestinian.‎
Allah willing, they will return to us some day and will not be under the rule of the ‎occupation.”‎
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Boy at Fatah ceremony: "Pick up your rifle... Destroy, shock, burn and set fire" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 16, 2014

Fatah ceremony in Tulkarem marking the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.
A boy,  Abd Al-Rahman Mustafa, recites poem:
"Pick up your rifle, resist and terrify [them].
Break your silence, free your thoughts...
Stand firm, strengthen your heart.
Destroy, shock, burn and set fire...
Heal your wounds and forget your cares...
Your homeland is your honor; protect it with your blood...
Find your weapon next to my weapon...
Al-Aqsa [Mosque] calls: ‘Where are my men?’
Palestinian, answer its call; Yasser [Arafat’s] men will not kneel."
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Note: Sabra and Shatila are Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. In 1982, during the first Lebanon War, Muslim residents of the camps were massacred by Christian Phalangists. The PA has a longstanding policy of falsely accusing Israel of committing the massacre or actively helping to carry it out.
Deputy Secretary of Fatah: Football match between Israeli and Palestinian children is "a crime against humanity" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 8, 2014
Headline: "Rajoub: 'Normalization in sports with the Zionist occupation is a crime'"
     "[Deputy Secretary of Fatah's Central Committee,] Chairman of the Olympic Committee, and Chairman of the [Palestinian] Football Association Jibril Rajoub said any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy is a crime against humanity. He said that the position of the sports leadership on the issue is perfectly clear.
Rajoub's statements were made in response to a sports activity held a few days ago (i.e., a football match between Palestinian and Israeli children sponsored by the Israeli Peres Center for Peace)...
Rajoub emphasized the following points:
1. The game was an Israeli attempt to cover up their crimes against [Palestinian] athletes. It is a disgrace to use sports for this purpose.

2. If there are Israeli parties who believe sport is a means of spreading values and peace, they should come out against the occupation's crimes against Palestinian athletes, whether the restriction of their movement, the destruction of their [sports] facilities or the physical elimination of dozens of them...

3. For a while now the Palestinian sports leadership and community - the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, the Palestinian Olympic Committee and the Palestinian Football Association - have opposed such activities.

4. I demand that all individuals and institutions distance themselves from such activities, especially because their recurrence would arouse disgust and aversion towards all members of the [Palestinian] sports community."
[Also posted to Jibril Rajoub's official Facebook page, Sept. 6, 2014]
National Committee Against Normalization in Palestine condemns Israeli-Palestinian football match, calls for an investigation 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 5, 2014
Headline: "The National Committee Against Normalization [in Palestine] condemned the 'Palestinian-Israeli' football match"
     "The Executive Office of the National Committee Against Normalization in Palestine published an announcement in which it condemned the participation of children from the West Bank in a football match between Palestinian and Israeli children, held by the Peres Center for Peace at the Gaza envelope (i.e., in Israel near the border with the Gaza Strip), near a Zionist kibbutz, which constitutes normalization [with Israel].
Secretary General of the National Committee [Against Normalization] Jihad Uweida said the committee's Executive Office was stunned by the timing and location of the match, at a time when the blood of our people and children in the Gaza Strip and of the Martyrs (Shahids) of the sports movements has not yet dried...
The Executive Office of the National Committee [Against Normalization] called on the heads of the Palestinian sports [community] and the Palestinian leadership to discover who is behind this 'normalization match' at such a time, and who benefits from holding meetings of this kind.
Uweida emphasized that the National Committee Against Normalization is surprised and astonished that while it is conducting an international campaign for expelling Israeli sports from the international sports system, and after international sports organizations expressed their intention of boycotting this entity [Israel], a Palestinian party would do this entity a free service."
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PA TV host compliments girl on pendant of map erasing Israel: "All of occupied ‎Palestine... will ‎return to us one day‎" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 5, 2014

Official PA TV children’s program The ‎Best Home:
Girl on show, reciting poem, wearing pendant in shape of "Palestine" that includes all of Israel: "...You stand idly by. Where are you, Arabs?"
PA TV host Walaa Battut: "Sweetie, bravo, bravo, bravo! What caught my attention is the pendant you’re wearing, which is of course the map of Palestine. The thing that angers the occupation (i.e., Israel) the most is our belief that all of occupied Palestine is ours and will return to us one day. The right of return – the fact that we continue to think about it and don’t forget that we have a land that was stolen from us and will return to us one day – that angers the occupation. Let’s anger them in every way."
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Fatah condemns football match between Israeli and Palestinian kids as "an individual act, conceived by sick souls" 
Source: Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Sept. 4, 2014
Headline: "Fatah in Yatta condemns normalization meetings with Israelis"
     "The [Fatah] branch leadership in Yatta held an urgent meeting to discuss the ramifications of the normalization matches held between Palestinian children from the city of Yatta villages and Israeli children, which were supervised by the Peres Center for Peace, and [held] in the presence of former President of the State of Israel Shimon Peres.
The meeting's participants strongly condemned this event, especially in light of the fact that our people are being subject to the most heinous racist attack, manifested in the murder of the children of Gaza and the West Bank by the most powerful war machine in the region.
[Fatah] branch secretary Dr. Kamal Makhamreh said: 'The occupation is attempting to improve its criminal image, which was revealed in the murder of our children in Gaza, by holding such normalization meetings, while using weak-minded people, who in turn have exploited the innocence of some children, deceived them and dragged them to this kind of normalization meetings. Therefore, we at Fatah's Yatta branch, emphasize that this was an individual act, conceived by sick souls that agreed to be humiliated for a handful of money...'
Makhamreh urged the residents to supervise their children and distance them from these kinds of activities, which damage our cause... The movement has demanded that the [Palestinian] Security Forces settle the account with these reckless people (i.e., the Palestinian organizers of the event)."
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Palestinian official calls friendly football match between Israeli and Palestinian youth a "crime and an unpatriotic and immoral act" 
Source: Sama, independent Palestinian news agency, Sept. 3, 2014
     "Palestinian Olympic Committee member Abd Al-Salam Haniyeh denounced the match held between Palestinian and Israeli children. He considered it a crime and an unpatriotic and immoral act. Haniyeh said these matches are completely unacceptable to the sports community, the Olympic Committee, the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs and the Palestinian Football Association.
He added: 'The [Palestinian] organizers of this match betrayed the blood of the children of Gaza and of the Martyrs (Shahid), which has yet to dry a week after the end of the barbaric Israeli aggression, which resulted in the deaths of more than 2,150 Martyrs, the wounding of more than 13,000 people and thousands of homes that were brought down on the heads of their inhabitants.
Haniyeh demanded that Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association Jibril Rajoub immediately interrogate the [Palestinian] organizers of the match, settle the account with them and prosecute them on charges of serious treason against the blood of the Martyrs and violation of the decisions made by the Palestinian sports community's leadership.
It should be noted that the sports meeting between Palestinian and Israeli youth was held in an Israeli settlement a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip's border with Israel. The meeting was organized by the Peres Center for Peace."
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Human map at summer camp teaches kids that Israel is Palestine 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 3, 2014
Official PA TV program Your Well-being is Important to Us showed children in a summer camp forming a human map by sitting in formation. The map presented all of Israel as Palestine. Children sitting inside the map represented different cities:

PA TV host:
“Now we see the children in the [summer] camp forming a map of Palestine with their bodies. This reflects their love of their country Palestine… They have created a map of Palestine from its North to its South and from its West to its East.”
Girl representing Gaza: “I am Gaza. Gaza of honor. I have given Martyrs (Shahids) and have not deprived my family of the good in me.”
Girl representing Jaffa: “I am Jaffa, bride of the sea…”
Girl representing Acre: “I am Acre. Throughout history, my walls have battered the sea.”
Girl representing Nazareth: “I am Nazareth, the heart of the Galilee.”
Official PA daily prints positive report on friendly football match between Palestinian and Israeli kids 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 3, 2014
The positive article below elicited harsh criticism of the event from PA officials, who condemned the children's football match as "a crime against humanity." To view the full PMW bulletin with the PA officials' responses, click here.
"Palestinian and Israeli children participate in friendly football matches a few kilometers from the devastated Gaza Strip"
     "After a summer of brutal war, destruction and fatalities, Palestinian and Israeli children met on Monday [Sept. 1, 2014] to participate in football matches a few kilometers from the devastated Gaza Strip.
About a week after the ceasefire that put an end to the destructive war in Gaza, which lasted 50 days, approximately 80 children, ages 6-16, met for a tournament in Kibbutz Dorot, located in southern Israel, where rockets launched from the Gaza Strip had landed. The Israeli children came from communities located near the besieged Gaza Strip, while the Palestinian children came from Yatta in the southern Gaza Strip (sic, should be West Bank. Yatta is a city south of Hebron).
This tournament was part of an initiative that was launched 12 years ago, whose original aim was to bring Palestinian [boy]s from occupied East Jerusalem and Israeli boys closer together. Many of the children had already played in previous tournaments organized by the Peres Center for Peace, which is run by former Israeli President Shimon Peres...
Qusai, 11, said: 'I love it when we play together like this. I hope that one day there will be peace between Arabs and Jews and that there will be no more wars and death.'...
Peres, the 90-year-old Nobel Peace Prize laureate, said, while holding a football: 'Don't play against each other but with each other.'"
From Agence France-Presse
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