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Libel: Israel abuses prisoners
Since the Palestinian Authority was established it has systematically indoctrinated young and old to hate Israelis and Jews. Using media, education, and cultural structures that it controls, the PA has actively promoted religious hatred, demonization, conspiracy libels, etc. These are packaged to present Israelis and Jews as endangering Palestinians, Arabs, and all humanity. This ongoing campaign has so successfully instilled hatred that fighting, murder and even suicide terror against Israelis and Jews are seen by the majority of Palestinians as justified self-defense and as Allah’s will.

Throughout history bogus conspiracy accusations have been used to incite hatred, violence, and mass murder. The myriad conspiracy libels concerning Israel, Israelis and Jews are an integral part of the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing hate promotion. PA libels claim that Israel conspires to infect Palestinians with AIDS, spread drug addiction, conspired and successfully murdered Arafat, and more. The PA’s goal has been to inculcate hatred to the degree that fighting and murdering Jews and Israelis will be glorified as heroic self-defense.
Libel: Israel abuses prisoners
The PA is intensifying its longstanding libel campaign, falsely accusing Israel of conducting horrific Nazi-like medical experiments on prisoners. These lies include stories that prisoners are used as “guinea pigs for clinical testing of drugs and treatment-methods" and “inmates received injections … which caused their hair and facial hair to fall out permanently ... others lost their sanity… some are suffering from infertility." Israeli prisons are compared to Nazi camps, as expressed by PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs: “The conditions of our Palestinian prisoners are worse than the Auschwitzes of the Nazis, where Jewish detainees were held.” [PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 6, 2011]
These libels are essential tools to demonize Israel using the highly sensitive subject of Palestinian prisoners.

The following are examples of the prisoner libel: 
Israel has a “policy of slow killing” Palestinian prisoners 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 27, 2014
     “According to the [Palestinian] prisoners, carcinogenic signal blocking devices are still rampant in Israeli prisons. [These devices] emit an unknown radiation that causes prisoners to develop various chronic diseases on a daily basis… The prisoners sent a letter to international humanitarian organizations – first and foremost, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights – in which they demanded that action be taken to remove the signal blocking devices installed several weeks ago by the Israel Prison Service in an exaggeration of its policy of slow killing aimed at breaking the will of the prisoners’ movement for freedom and a dignified life.”
PA daily: Prisoner’s medical condition was “intentionally neglected” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 27, 2014
     “[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Shawqi Al-Issa visited released prisoner Na'im Younes Al-Shawamreh, 40, at his home in the city of Dura in the Hebron [district], after his return from treatment in Germany. Al-Shawamreh suffers from muscular dystrophy. Al-Shawamreh was released several months ago as part of the third group of prisoners arrested before the Oslo Accords, after having served 18 years behind bars, during which time he became afflicted with muscular dystrophy. His medical condition was intentionally neglected over the past few years, to the point where he can no longer speak. At the end of his visit, Al-Issa awarded Al-Shawamreh a plaque of honor for his self-sacrifice and great struggle.”

Note: Na’im Al-Shawamreh was arrested on March 14, 1995 for planting an explosive device. The device exploded and killed Yossi Hayoun, a police sapper, while he was defusing it (June, 1993). Al-Shawamreh was serving a life sentence, but was released in December 2013 as one of the 104 terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations.
In August 2013, Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian terrorists from prison, which was the PA's precondition for renewing peace talks. The terrorists were released in stages. The first group of 26 was released on Aug. 13, 2013. The second group of 26 was released on Oct. 30, 2013. The third group of 26 was released on Dec. 30, 2013. The fourth group was scheduled to be released on March 29, 2014, but Israel delayed their release while negotiating the terms for continuation of the peace talks. When the PA submitted requests for admission as a state to several international bodies, Israel cancelled the release.
Fatah official accuses Israel of refusing Palestinian prisoners shelter from rockets in plot "to wipe out and exterminate the ‎prisoners‎" - forgetting that rockets are fired by Palestinians 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 10, 2014
     ‎“Deputy [PA] Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs ‎Ziad Abu Ein emphasized during a ‎meeting with several foreign [news] ‎agencies that the vast majority of ‎‎[Palestinian] prisoners are held in the ‎Ketziot, Nafha, Eshel, Ohalei Keidar and ‎Shikma prisons, and that in view of the ‎current campaign (i.e., Operation ‎Protective Edge), they are now exposed to ‎great danger and death. ‎
Abu Ein noted that there are no suitable ‎shelters to guarantee the protection of the ‎Palestinian prisoners, and that they [the ‎shelters] are restricted, in a racist fashion, ‎solely for the [prison] administration and ‎prison guards, which constitutes a war ‎crime according to international law, for ‎which the Israeli government is ‎responsible, especially as the rockets are ‎falling in this region one after the other. ‎
Abu Ein disclosed that Israel may be ‎doing this intentionally in order to wipe out ‎and exterminate the prisoners, and ‎demanded that they be provided ‎protection quickly, either through their ‎transfer to safer areas or through their ‎immediate release.”‎

Note: This article was published during the 2014 Gaza war as Hamas was firing hundreds of rockets at Israel and as Israel was responding with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.
Prisoner's daughter on PA TV: Israel injected my father with a cancerous tumor 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, June 24, 2014
Official PA TV program In a Fighter’s ‎Home visited the family of Ahmad‎ ‎Abdallah Abu Haniyeh, who spent 20 ‎years in an Israeli prison, most of them in ‎administrative detention, and died of ‎cancer. ‎
Daughter of Ahmad ‎ Abdallah Abu ‎Haniyeh: “When he became sick as a ‎result of the substance they forced into his ‎head – we don’t know what substance – it ‎gave him a cancerous tumor.”‎
Cartoon on PA TV depicts Israel as ‎crow eating away at Palestinian ‎prisoners 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 22, 2014

Official PA TV program Panorama of the ‎Hour broadcast a cartoon showing a crow ‎with a Star of David that has bitten the ‎shoulder of a prisoner down to the bone.‎
Text on image: “The hunger strike of the ‎prisoners in the occupation prisons”‎
PA TV cartoon shows shackled prisoner carrying Israel on his back 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 8, 2014

Official PA TV cultural program Panorama of the Hour showed a cartoon of a shackled ‎Palestinian prisoner carrying a map including the area of all of Israel and the PA areas ‎on his back.‎
Text on image: "Freight camel”‎
Israel injects prisoners with cancer 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 7, 2014
Official PA TV program Link in a Chain on prisoner Nassim Radwan Khattab
Radwan Khattab’s brother: “Israel added the disease of cancer to his wound. In addition [to it]. I’m sure they injected the cancer into Nassim with a needle.”

Radwan Khattab was sentenced to 12 years in prison, of which he has served 10. PMW has been unable to verify the details of his crime.
Official PA TV: Israel poisons prisoners and released prisoners 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 2, 2014
Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem hosted Ahmed Safadi, brother of Israeli-Arab lawyer Amjad Safadi.
Amjad Safadi – a lawyer from East Jerusalem who was arrested on March 6, 2014, on suspicions of transferring messages and money from Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners in Israeli jails to their families in the Gaza Strip. He committed suicide in his home on April 22, a few days after having been released from administrative detention, and a week before he was due to stand trial in court on charges of contact with a foreign agent, providing service to an unlawful association and performing property transaction for terrorist purposes.

Ahmed Safadi, brother of Israeli-Arab lawyer Amjad Safadi:
“I maintain that the occupation gave Amjad a few pills and a few medicaments that led to his death, led to the deterioration of his health and mental condition. That’s the claim and it will be proven soon, Allah willing. Therefore, this affair was planned by the occupation.”
PA TV Host: “Ahmed, there is a clear message here from the occupation state, including all its apparatuses, to the prisoners and the released prisoners and to all the lawyers working for the prisoners: ‘Beware – your fate will be like that of Amjad.’”
Official PA daily: "Prisoners’ bodies are becoming testing fields for the Israeli pharmaceutical and medical companies" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 14, 2014
     “In a report published yesterday [April 13, 2014] on the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, the Ministry [of Prisoners’ Affairs] explained [that]… skin diseases, chest infections, ulcers, cancerous tumors, kidney failures, cartilage [erosion], blood clots, arthritis, spinal pain, stress, diabetes, impaired vision, tooth pain and mental diseases have been spreading [among the prisoners], and so the prisoners’ bodies are becoming testing fields for the Israeli pharmaceutical and medical companies.”
Israeli prison doctors "use the prisoners as guinea pigs" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 13, 2014
     “During the solidarity vigil organized by the Muhjat Alquds Foundation and the Doctors’ Forum (the medical organization of the Islamic Jihad Movement) as part of the events held in support of the prisoners… [Doctors’ Forum coordinator] Dr. Nihad Abed addressed the suffering of the prisoners, who are caught between the hammer of illness and the anvil of medical neglect…
He disclosed that the prison doctors, who are actually from the Israeli intelligence [services], use the prisoners as guinea pigs for medical [experiments]… with the aim of killing [them] slowly.”
Palestinian ambassador to Yemen: Prisoners “became Martyrs under the guillotine of intentional medical neglect by the Israelis” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Mar. 10, 2014
     “Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Yemen Diab Al-Louh announced the launch of the international campaign to free prisoner and [PA] Parliament (Legislative Council) and Fatah Central Committee Member Marwan Barghouti, who has been held in the prisons of the Israeli occupation since April 15, 2002, and who [is serving] five life sentences. This announcement came during the well-attended national rally, organized by the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Yemen in support of the prisoner [and] leader Marwan Barghouti, and of all the prisoners, male and female, [being held] in the prisons of the occupation…Al-Louh said: ‘…We commemorate the heroic Martyrs (Shahids) of the prisoner movement. We evoke the memory of 205 Martyrs from among the prisoners, including 52 Palestinian prisoners who became Martyrs under the guillotine of intentional medical neglect by the Israelis, 73 prisoners who became Martyrs as a result of barbaric, inhumane and illegal torture in the prisons and detention stations, and 72 prisoners who became Martyrs by [falling victim to] premeditated murder.’ Ambassador Al-Louh said the launch of the campaign [to free] prisoner [and] leader Marwan Barghouti and all the prisoners coincided with the anniversary of the deaths of the heroes of the Savoy operation as Martyrs in 1975.”

Note: Savoy terror attack - In March 1975, eight terrorists traveled by boat from Lebanon to a Tel Aviv beach. They took over the Savoy Hotel and took guests as hostages. The next morning, Israeli forces attacked and killed seven of the terrorists. Eight hostages and three soldiers were killed by the terrorists during the attack.

For a description of the terrorist, click "full article.'"
Activists protest Israel’s “policy of medical neglect of the prisoners” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 12, 2014
     “Activists and prisoners’ family members held a sit-down strike in front of the offices of the Red Cross in the city of El-Bireh to protest the [Israel] Prison Service’s policy of medical neglect of the prisoners…
In a speech, Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Ziad Abu Ein emphasized that there must be a timetable for the release of all prisoners… He noted that resistance is still a valid option in the struggle to free the prisoners.”
Official PA daily: Israeli doctors conspire to hide torture of sick Palestinian prisoners 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 17, 2014
‎     “The Prisoners’ Center [for Studies] has ‎received reports that Israeli doctors have ‎been conspiring with the [Israeli] Security ‎Forces in order to hide the torture that sick ‎Palestinian prisoners are being subjected ‎to. The reports indicated that the doctors ‎conceal from the courts the torture being ‎committed against the prisoners, as well ‎as the fact that they are extracting ‎confessions from them by force.”‎
PA minister accuses Israel of "exploiting the prisoners financially"‎ 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 12, 2014
     ‎“[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ [Affairs] Issa ‎Karake said that the Israeli government ‎has been carrying out organized crimes ‎against the prisoners and is using them as ‎a means to take revenge on the ‎Palestinian people and its leadership, and ‎as a tool of provocation…‎
Karake said the Israeli government has ‎been exploiting the prisoners financially, ‎carrying out political provocation and ‎putting pressure on the [Palestinian] ‎leadership by revoking the prisoners’ ‎rights and increasing the severity of the ‎‎[disciplinary] measures used against them ‎‎– all of which necessitates strict ‎enforcement of what goes on behind the ‎bars. Karake made his statements while ‎visiting the prisoners released in the third ‎phase [of prisoner releases], Mahmoud ‎Da'ajneh and Ahmed ‎ Khalaf, who ‎served over 20 years in prison in the ‎Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem.”‎
Photo: [PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs ‎Issa] Karake during the tribute given to ‎released prisoner Mahmoud Da’ajneh.‎

Mahmoud Da'ajneh participated in the ‎murder of Sarah Sharon, who was stabbed ‎to death in Holon on Jan. 20, 1993. He was ‎serving a life sentence, but was released in ‎Dec. 2013 as one of 104 terrorists whom ‎Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's ‎precondition for renewing negotiations.‎

Ahmed Khalaf was serving a sentence of ‎‎21 years for aggravated assault, but was ‎released in Dec. 2013 as one of 104 ‎terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to ‎fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing ‎negotiations.‎
Israeli medical interns conduct medical experiments on Palestinian prisoners 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 5, 2014
Headline: “Medical mistakes are not coincidental, but intentional, and Israel’s doctors are training on prisoners.”
     “The [PA] Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs called attention to the medical mistakes that are being made on prisoners in the occupation prisons. The ministry said in its report that what are referred to as ‘mistakes’ have over the years become deliberate, according to observations and prisoners’ testimonies. [This] demonstrates disregard for the lives and health of sick prisoners, and care for them lacks any medical or professional responsibility…
The report emphasized that most doctors working in the [Israel] Prison Service are interns who have not received [their] medical license but are sent after finishing university to train in the prisons without any supervision. These interns carry out their work in prison clinics and interrogation or holding center clinics. This leads to many medical mistakes made on prisoners by the interns, who have turned the prisoners’ bodies into a field experiment and tools for scientific research…
In addition, the report said that no distinction can be made between the increase in medical mistakes made on prisoners in the occupation prisons and between the medical experiments being performed on them, as exposed by [former] Israeli MP Dalia Itzik in 1997, and the [Israeli] Health Ministry’s testing various medications on prisoners, along with its authorizing Israeli pharmaceutical companies to do the same. At that time [1997], it was reported that thousands of such pharmaceutical tests were conducted secretly on prisoners’ bodies.”

Note: Click "full article" below to read more about the libelous claim that Israeli MP Dalia Itzik exposed that medical experiments were being conducted on Palestinian prisoners.
Guest on PA TV: "we are accusing the prison administration ‎and the Israeli government of performing ‎experiments on the prisoners‎" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 4, 2014
Official PA TV News interviewed Hilmi ‎ ‎Al-Araj, director of the Hurriyat (“Freedom”) ‎Center, on the released prisoner Na'im Al-‎Shawamreh, who is suffering from ‎muscular dystrophy. ‎
PA TV host: “Mr. Hilmi, I want to ask you ‎specifically about the information you ‎gave us, that [released prisoner Na’im] Al-‎Shawamreh received a type of medicine, ‎which you described as the wrong kind – ‎several media outlets described this ‎mistake as an intentional move on the part ‎of the occupation prison administration; ‎that is, this type of medicine was given to ‎him intentionally, to make it appear, to the ‎media, as if Al-Shawamreh was healthy ‎and able to walk.”‎
Director of the Hurriyat (“Freedom”) Center ‎Hilmi Al-Araj: “Yes, we are accusing the ‎prison administration and the Israeli ‎government of performing experiments on ‎the prisoners. That is what Israeli ‎Parliament Member and former Health ‎Minister Dalia Itzik made public when she ‎said that over a thousand medical ‎experiments were being carried out on ‎prisoners each year.”‎

Note:‎ This ‎ is not the first time the PA has ‎claimed that former Speaker of Israeli ‎Parliament and MP Dalia Itzik asserted ‎that Israel conducts medical experiments ‎on Palestinian prisoners. Reporting on ‎this libel in 2008, PMW checked with then ‎Israeli-Parliament Speaker Dalia Itzik and ‎the Ministry of Health. Click "full article" to read their responses and to view a description of the terrorist.
PA minister: 2013 is “year of medical crimes by Israel against prisoners – prisons are a guillotine for executions” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 29, 2013
     “[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ [Affairs] Issa Karake said 2013 can clearly be considered the year of medical crimes systematically carried out by Israel against the prisoners in the Israeli prisons. This is evident from the rise in the total [number] of sick prisoners that year from 800 cases of illness to 1,400 and [from the fact that] 25 cancer cases and malignant tumors were identified.
Karake said four Martyrs (Shahids) died in prison in 2013… and that such a number of prisoners dying as Martyrs in a single year is a dangerous precedent, which serves as an indication that the prisons have turned into a guillotine for executions and that medical neglect has become a means of intentionally killing the prisoners.”
PA minister falsely asserts the existence of Israeli "plans for killing the prisoners‎" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 28, 2013
Headline: “The occupation prisons have ‎become the final ward before death”‎
     ‎“Two days ago, [Dec. 26, 2013], the [PA] ‎Ministry of Prisoners’ [Affairs] and the ‎‎[Palestinian] Prisoners’ Club, in ‎cooperation with the [PA] Ministry of ‎Information in the Nablus district, held a ‎press conference at the district ‎‎[government] seat, to discuss the ‎prisoners, the suffering of the sick among ‎them, and the third phase [of pre-Oslo ‎prisoners] to be released in a few days…‎
‎[PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa ‎Karake] stated that the purpose of the ‎press conference was to discuss the sick ‎prisoners and their medical situation, ‎which the Palestinian people find ‎distressing and frightening, especially ‎given the existence of plans for killing ‎the prisoners in the occupation prisons. ‎He also added that some [of the prisoners] ‎might die at any moment in the coming ‎days or weeks, as the diseases have ‎grown markedly worse in recent years – a ‎fact which confirms that the occupation ‎prisons have become a source of ‎epidemics and chronic and cancerous ‎diseases.”‎

Note:‎ In August 2013, Israel agreed to release ‎‎104 Palestinian terrorists from prison, ‎which was the PA's precondition for ‎renewing peace talks. The terrorists were ‎released in stages. The first group of 26 ‎was released on Aug. 13, 2013. The ‎second group of 26 was released on Oct. ‎‎30, 2013. The third group of 26 was ‎released on Dec. 30, 2013. The fourth ‎group was scheduled to be released on ‎March 29, 2014, but Israel delayed their ‎release while negotiating the terms for ‎continuation of the peace talks. When the ‎PA submitted requests for admission as a ‎state to several internation
Palestinian Prisoners' Committee: "White-clad Israeli war criminals‎" murder prisoners "in cold blood" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 19, 2013
     ‎“The Prisoners’ Committee of the National ‎and Islamic Forces in the Gaza Strip ‎called on the Red Cross to step up their ‎efforts to save the sick prisoners in the ‎Israeli occupation prisons and work ‎towards providing medical care for them, ‎far from the reach of the white-clad Israeli ‎war criminals who use intentional medical ‎neglect against them…‎
The Prisoners’ Committee said in an ‎announcement that it is extremely ‎concerned by what the sick prisoners are ‎experiencing in the occupation prisons: ‎medical neglect aimed at wiping out the ‎prisoners and murdering them in cold ‎blood, followed by the denial of the crime ‎through unfounded and false excuses. ‎The committee noted that 205 Palestinian ‎prisoners have died as Martyrs (Shahids), ‎‎53 of them are prisoners who died as ‎Martyrs as a result of the policy of ‎intentional medical neglect…‎
Fatah’s representative in the Prisoners’ ‎Committee of the National and Islamic ‎Forces in the Gaza Strip said that human ‎rights die in the Israeli prisons due to the ‎racist and abusive policy and Israeli ‎crimes perpetrated every day against the ‎prisoners.”‎
Prisoner claims prison doctor "tried to murder him in cold blood" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 17, 2013
     ‎“Prisoner Alaa ‎ Al-Hams from Rafah ‎confirmed that a doctor in the Eshel prison ‎clinic tried to murder him in cold blood. Al-‎Hams said the prison doctor lifted him ‎high up, and [then] threw him on the ‎ground several times while he and those ‎with him laughed, cursed and screamed. ‎This prompted the prisoner accompanying ‎him to attempt to strike them…‎
A human rights organization that defends ‎prisoners in the occupation prisons noted ‎that prisoner Al-Hams had sent them a ‎letter stating that he was still suffering ‎from strong pain in his abdomen and very ‎low blood pressure and that the Eshel ‎prison doctor refused to help him, mocked ‎him and his pain and told him he was a ‎liar who was not suffering from any pain. ‎
Even though the prisoner had described ‎the nature of his pain and the medication ‎necessary [to alleviate it], the doctor ‎refused to listen to him and continued to ‎mock him until the prisoner was stricken ‎with spasms in his legs, hands and face… ‎the doctor was [then] forced to help him ‎and conduct the necessary tests…‎
It should be noted that sick prisoner Al-‎Hams (35) from Rafah, is married and has ‎four children. He has been in prison since ‎‎2009 and has been sentenced to 18 years ‎for attempting to kidnap a soldier.”‎
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