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Libel: Israel murders and poisons
Since the Palestinian Authority was established it has systematically indoctrinated young and old to hate Israelis and Jews. Using media, education, and cultural structures that it controls, the PA has actively promoted religious hatred, demonization, conspiracy libels, etc. These are packaged to present Israelis and Jews as endangering Palestinians, Arabs, and all humanity. This ongoing campaign has so successfully instilled hatred that fighting, murder and even suicide terror against Israelis and Jews are seen by the majority of Palestinians as justified self-defense and as Allah’s will.

Throughout history bogus conspiracy accusations have been used to incite hatred, violence, and mass murder. The myriad conspiracy libels concerning Israel, Israelis and Jews are an integral part of the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing hate promotion. PA libels claim that Israel conspires to infect Palestinians with AIDS, spread drug addiction, conspired and successfully murdered Arafat, and more. The PA’s goal has been to inculcate hatred to the degree that fighting and murdering Jews and Israelis will be glorified as heroic self-defense.
Libel: Israel murders and poisons
Vicious libels about Israel and the Jews are an integral part of the Palestinian Authority’s strategy to infuse hate in the Palestinian population. Fabrications assert that Israel intentionally pursues children, poisoning candy and planting bombs inside toys to kill them, murders Palestinians in cold blood, and mutilates dead bodies. These and many other libels add to the ongoing demonization of the Jews, paving the way for acceptance of terrorism against Israel as legitimate self-defense and even as an ideal in itself. 

This video depicts one libel, voiced by PA Mayor Mustafa Fuqah, contending that Israel makes weapons and ammunition disguised as toys because Israel wants to kill children.

PA Mayor Mustafa Fuqah:
"Some [explosives] are in different shapes. Some are shaped like pens, and some look like toys. Some are in different shapes to tempt children to touch them or pick them up. This is a real danger and real proof that the Israeli army targets children and young ones."
[PA TV (Fatah), Dec. 29, 2012]

The following are more examples of the murder and poison libel:
Fatah spokesman: Israel carries out executions like ISIS  
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 4, 2016
Headline: “Fatah: Israel used the event of the execution in Gaza in order to distort the image of our people”

"Fatah Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi stated yesterday [June 3, 2016] that the occupation government made use of the event of the execution (of three convicted murderers on May 31, 2016 -Ed.) carried out by Hamas in Gaza in the international arena in order to compare the executions carried out by ISIS in Iraq and Syria with what Hamas carried out…

The spokesman noted in a press release that what occurred in Gaza serves Israel’s efforts to disrupt the efforts of the Palestinian leadership, the Fatah Movement, and the national information to expose the occupation’s actions by real comparisons and equating of the summary executions and the burning of children and unarmed citizens carried out by Israel in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with the executions being carried out by ISIS in the region.”

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Little girl on official PA TV sings song showing “Zionists” as killers: “Criminals came to our village, killed my father… The Zionists were here’’ 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 26, 2016

Yara, guest on official PA TV program
Giants of Endurance: "I'm a little Palestinian girl, still the age of flowers
My heart is good, my intention pure, and I do not harm anyone
I know my home. I know my land, my nice family around me
All that I want is at hand, through love and compassion…
Criminals came to our village, killed my father and took my brother
They said: ‘This is our land.’ [I was] shocked and my eyes teared
I screamed: ‘Why? What did I do?’ Nobody answered me
It just said on our door: ‘The Zionists were here’ ...
Afterwards, someone came that I already saw . He looked like one of them and was walking in circles around me.
I was so angry I grabbed a stone and threw it, and I am not strong
They caught me, hit me, and told me I will stand trial for the attack
They arrested me and accused me of being a criminal and a terrorist… "
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Fatah Facebook posts cartoon of Netanyahu walking on graph of rising popularity made of dead Palestinian babies 
Source: Official Fatah Facebook page, May 12, 2016

Cartoon posted on the official Fatah Facebook page on May 12, 2016

The cartoon shows a rising graph made of dead Palestinian babies as PM Netanyahu walks across, rising in popularity. "#Asknetanyahu" is referring a May 12, 2016 event on Twitter in which PM Netanyahu responded to questions tweeted to him using the "Asknetanyahu" hashtag.

Posted text, originally in English:  "How many Palestinian kids did it take you to kill to win the Israeli votes?
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Spokesman of the PA Security Forces: Terror attacks have gone down because “We said that we want to protect our children from death, and two or three of our children were executed every day with no consideration” 
Source: Donia Al-Watan (independent Palestinian news agency), May 12, 2016
Headline: "Watch the full interview: Al-Damiri speaks about security coordination, Hamas, ISIS, thwarting the operations, the government, the resistance, and the Gaza Strip"

"[Official Spokesman of the PA Security Forces] Adnan Al-Damiri spoke in an exclusive interview with Donia Al-Watan (i.e., an independent Palestinian news agency) about many topics, including the security forces, the possibility of uniting them in the West Bank and Gaza, the reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas], Gaza's electricity, and the other important topics…

He noted that the PA workers in the Gaza Strip who stopped working are still not working and have not been asked to return to work 'in order not to endanger their lives as we do not know what level of oppression is being implemented by Hamas.'

Likewise, Al-Damiri noted that the government transfers 80 million shekels a month to the Gaza Strip for electricity and 240 million shekels a month for salaries and services, despite Hamas’ opposition to the government or the PA having a role in the administration of Gaza

The security forces in the West Bank are accused of preventing Palestinian resistance operations (i.e., terror attacks) in the West Bank and persecuting those who carry them out; however, since the popular uprising (reference to wave of Palestinian terror attacks, October 2015 - March 2016), it [the West Bank] has been witness to a series of individual and group operations against the Israeli occupation.

Adnan Al-Damiri emphasized that the Palestinian security forces have not prevented anyone from carrying out these operations, and the proof is the occurrence of dozens of them recently, according to him.

He added to Donia Al-Watan: 'We are not talking about the thwarting of operations (i.e., attacks) within Israel, but rather we are talking about our children being throw
PA school play depicts Israeli soldiers planting knives on innocent Palestinians to kill them 
Source: Official Facebook page of Tuqu' Municipality (PA), May 11, 2016

In a play at the Tuqu’ High School for Boys, Israeli soldiers are shown planting a knife on an innocent Palestinian youth before shooting him to death. The play reinforces the libel that Israeli soldiers are cold-blooded murderers. The Tuqu' High School is under the Bethlehem Education Directorate under the PA Ministry of Education.
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Official PA daily op-ed: Israel "maintains a colonial settlement, holds arsenals of nuclear, biological, chemical... weapons," while Palestinian rocks and knives are legitimate self-defense 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 26, 2016
Headline: “The establishment of a committee to monitor the incitement”
Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist for official PA daily and advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs
     “The Israeli incitement against the Palestinian leadership and people encompasses all aspects of life, and it is biased incitement that has no basis in real facts, but twists the facts, falsifies and mixes up information, moving away from the basic pillars of the Arab/Palestinian – Israeli conflict. This incitement is based on denying the right of the Palestinian to defend himself and his national narrative, and includes the falsification and distortion of data and quotes, and exaggeration [of some] details at the expense of the main issues. For instance, the Israeli wars and their crimes turn into ‘defense’ of residents on the border, and according to the logic of the Western countries working in coordination with Israel, the equation is reversed: ‘It is Israel’s right to defend itself!’ The occupying state, which maintains a colonial settlement [enterprise], holds arsenals of nuclear, biological, chemical, conventional, land, marine, and aerial weapons, perpetrates all types of killing, destruction and burning of citizens, their fields, their homes, etc., against the unarmed Palestinian people that is subject to occupation for the last 70 years, and has nothing at its disposal but its resolve, rocks, and knives – and yet it [the Palestinian people] is required to ‘condemn’ its struggle, because it is viewed as ’terror’ in the eyes of the capitalist West, the Americans, and the Europeans, and even when the [Palestinian] people marks its annual Martyrs’ (Shahids’) Day, it becomes ‘incitement’ and violence.”
At Palestine Red Crescent event, Palestinian girl repeats libel that Jews kill Muslim worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Apr. 18, 2016

Official PA TV reporter: "In honor of Palestinian Prisoner’s Day and Children’s Day, the [Palestine] Red Crescent society organized a carnival for the kindergarten children in the Wadi Sha’ir area east of Tulkarem, which included a mass rally in which more than 1,200 children participated..."
Palestinian girl: "Like all the children of Palestine, I do not like the occupation. I am scared of the Jews when they come to our village. They kill worshippers at the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. They kill our people and imprison small children. It is my right to live in peace, like all children in the world."
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PA daily: Israel must be prosecuted for perpetrating "ethnic cleansing" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 17, 2016
Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Information: On the anniversary of the death as a Martyr of Abu Jihad, his blood is haunting the murderers”
     “On the 28th anniversary of the death as a Martyr of leader Khalil Al-Wazir ‘Abu Jihad’ on the land of the sister country Tunisia, the [PA] Ministry of Information emphasized that his blood will continue to haunt the murderers.
The ministry stated that the anniversary of the death as a Martyr of the initiator of the Palestinian revolution, leader Khalil Al-Wazir ‘Abu Jihad,’ the first bullet and the first stone, is a chance to prosecute the occupation in the international forums for the ethnic cleansing crimes it has perpetrated and continues to perpetrate against our people, leaders, and country.
The ministry added: ‘The crimes enveloping the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp (in Damascus –Ed.), where the body of leader Al-Wazir lies, prove that the occupation and the dark forces (i.e., ISIS and other terror organizations that took over parts of the refugee camp) join hands in order to harm our people everywhere and at all times. This obligates the free world to intervene in order to assist our people and implement the decisions of international institutions, particularly those that guarantee the right of return and compensation.’

Abu Jihad (Khalil Al-Wazir) was a founder of Fatah and deputy to Yasser Arafat. He headed the PLO terror organization's military wing and also planned many deadly Fatah terror attacks. These attacks, which killed a total of 125 Israelis, included the most lethal in Israeli history - the hijacking of a bus and killing of 37 civilians, 12 of them children.
Op-ed in PA daily: Israeli government is led by "right-wing extremist terrorists who live on biblical myths that never actually took place" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 12, 2016
Headline: "Israel's terrorists blame others for what exists in them"
Op-ed by Jihad Al-Khazen in the official PA daily, re-printed from the London-based Al-Hayat
     "I have worked in journalism non-stop since I was an adolescent, and I followed the terror of the white regime in South Africa and the massacres in Rwanda, and also in Srebrenica (i.e., town in Bosnia and Herzegovina ) after the division of Yugoslavia. However, all of this is dwarfed by the terror of the Israeli right-wing and the government of war criminal settlers, headed by the most despicable man in the world, [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu, and the US Likud (i.e., American Friends of Likud), which protects the last apartheid state in the world.
[US] President Barack Obama spoke at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington about preventing the 'dirty bomb' [from reaching] the hands of ISIS. He did not speak about Israel's nuclear arsenal, despite the fact that Israel and ISIS compete with each other in [the field of] terror…
There is no peace with the Netanyahu government. It is a government that includes the most right-wing extremist terrorists who live on biblical myths that never actually took place. The name of the land is Palestine, and it is occupied, and Israel is a myth, written hundreds of years after the alleged events.
In conclusion, the terrorist right-wing in Israel does not include all of the Israelis and Jews, as there are many groups of Jews working for peace and defending the Palestinians, and they deserve gratitude and appreciation."

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PA news agency claims Israel purposely kills Palestinians, including children, to make Palestinians despair 
Source: WAFA, official PA news agency, Apr. 5, 2016
Headline: “From Israa Al-Abed Al-Rahman – letters to my Martyr fiancé”
     “Ever since the bullet snatched the life of young Abed Al-Rahman Al-Barghouti from the Aboud village north of Ramallah, on Dec. 4, 2015, his fiancé Israa Al-Barghouti from the nearby village of Deir Ghassaneh, is saying to herself: He did not die, he went on a trip and will come back… The occupation has been trying from its first day to kill the Palestinian from within. Therefore, it kills a child in order to leave a whole family filled with eternal yearning for him, it kills a young man who had dreamt of a job, a wife, and a peaceful home, and kills the head of a family, and by its crime makes him leave a widow and children… its bullets snatch a woman, whose daughter, a child, becomes a surrogate mother in a single moment. It throws children behind its bars who haven’t seen anything of life, and who, within their (i.e., the Israeli) prisons, become young and mature men whose children have grown, married and had children, turning the prisoner into a grandfather. In prison, there are endless stories about a mother’s anticipation of her child, a woman’s of her husband and the fiancé who keeps postponing her wedding day… the occupation continues to fight against the dreams of the Palestinian, who continues responding, gets up in the morning, and says to himself: Live!”

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Barghouti – a 26-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli soldier on Dec. 4, 2015 in Mateh Binyamin near Ramallah. Al-Barghouti was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier.
PA governor representing Abbas: Israel “massacres” Palestinians and “kills any Palestinian based on suspicion alone”  
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Mar. 30, 2016
Headline: “Ramallah: The Political and National Orientation Authority marked Land Day”
     “The Political and National Orientation Authority marked the 40th anniversary of the eternal Land Day yesterday [March 29, 2016] in a ceremony it held in Ramallah.
Present at the ceremony were District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam, as representative of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, Official Spokesman of the PA Security Forces Adnan Al-Damiri, and the head of the Committee of Arab Monitoring in the 1948 Territories (i.e., Israel), Muhammad Barakeh.
Ghannam said in a speech she gave on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas: ‘The occupation insists on carrying out many massacres against our people, and there is a decision to kill any Palestinian based on suspicion alone, while the world maintains its silence. Therefore, we must act to expose the occupation’s crimes.’ …
Barakeh said: ‘All the acts of struggle being carried out by our people are only intended to achieve freedom and honor and the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.’ … Likewise, he noted that the occupation forces are destroying villages in the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel) in order to expel their residents and establish settlement blocs.”

Land Day – an annual commemoration of the general strike and demonstrations organized by Israeli Arab residents of the Galilee on March 30, 1976 to protest the Israeli government's decision to expropriate land in the Galilee for security and settlement purposes, which it later implemented. During the protests, demonstrators burnt tires, blocked roads, and threw rocks and firebombs. Six demonstrators were shot and killed by the Israeli army and police. Israeli Arabs and Palestinians consider Land Day a national day.
Official PA daily claims terrorist stabber was “Martyr” executed by Israel for no reason, used “attempted stabbing” as a pretext  
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Mar. 29, 2016
Headline: “Jenin bids Martyr Samer Al-Sirisi farewell”
       “Crowds in Jenin accompanied the body of Martyr (Shahid) Samer Al-Sirisi to burial after the occupation authorities handed over the body to his family two days ago [Dec. 27, 2015]. Al-Sirisi died as a Martyr near the Tapuach checkpoint south of Nablus, after he was shot near the checkpoint, under the pretext that he attempted to carry out a stabbing operation (i.e. knife terror attack) on the 26th of last month...Jenin district Deputy Governor Mansour Al-Sa’adi, conveyed the condolences of the district governor and the district family to the Martyr’s relatives and his family, and emphasized the adherence to the peaceful struggle until the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital... [Director of the Palestinian prisoner’s club in Jenin] Ragheb Abu Diak, emphasized the continuation of the peaceful struggle in a speech in the name of Fatah and [Palestinian] National and Islamic Forces in Jenin, and at the same time sent a message to the world, concerning the need to act to put an end to the Israeli occupation’s violations against our Palestinian people... The Fatah movement and the Martyr’s family announced the opening of a mourning tent to receive those coming to console [them] on Sirisi’s Martyrdom, after the family was finally able to bury him in the ground of Jenin.”

Samer Al-Sirisi – a 51-year-old Palestinian terrorist who attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at the Tapuach junction south of Nablus. Al-Sirisi was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.
PA Minister of Jerusalem Affairs: Israel kills Palestinians to rid Jerusalem of its Palestinian population 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Mar. 15, 2016
     "Governor of Jerusalem District and [PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Adnan Al-Husseini… said that he is convinced that the Israeli occupation soldiers kill Palestinians intentionally in order to wipe out the Palestinian presence in the Palestinian capital."
Guest on PA TV accuses Israel of spreading drugs, poisoning sea water in Acre in order to expel Arabs from the city 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Mar. 4, 2016
Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem on the Israeli Apartheid Week interviewed Att. Jihad Abu Ria from the Falestiniyyat Association, an organization established two years ago to fight “Israeli apartheid” and keep the memory of the “Nakba” - “the catastrophe,” a Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel– alive.

Attorney Jihad Abu Ria, activist in the Falestiniyyat Association: “The government of the first occupation continues stubbornly and consistently, does not cease its attempts to expel [the Arabs]. Every day they come up with a new idea. One day they flood the city [of Acre] with drugs, deliberately, to keep the young with their children away from the old city. Another day they chase the fisherman and poison the water in the sea. Another day they prevent the residents of the city from renovating their houses, although the water leaks into them.”
Official PA TV host: “Like in the Old City of Jerusalem.”
Att. Jihad Abu Ria: “And every day they come up with a new sophisticated [idea]. Therefore, although the people of Acre stand firm, they desperately need help and support.”
PLO official says Israel’s “cold-blooded murders” will only “escalate” the terror wave; opposes return to negotiations 
Source: Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Feb. 25, 2016
     Headline: “The American administration is covering for the crimes of the occupation”
“Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front and PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Wasel Abu Yusuf stressed that the American administration is covering for the crimes of the occupation, despite its failure to bring about peace in the region…
He added that the cold-blooded murders perpetrated by the occupation against the Palestinians will lead to nothing but the escalation of the Intifada (i.e., wave of Palestinian terror attacks 2015-2016), and will not break the determination of the young during the confrontations. Furthermore, these actions come as part of the all-out war to suppress the Jerusalem Intifada, after the total failure of the Israeli arrogance and its policy’s criminal, systematic guidelines.
Likewise, he emphasized the need to develop the popular Intifada, with everything it includes, and to act to end the rift [between Fatah and Hamas] and strengthen the national unity on the basis of a unified political work plan under the framework of the PLO, so that the latter will serve as the political and national caretaker of the popular Intifada… He also noted that the intifada will continue, escalate, and develop thanks to the efforts of the Palestinian people and everyone who supports it, and emphasized his opposition to returning to the course of negotiations with the occupation.”
“Masses” mourn child terrorists, whose families claim that they were executed by Israel that planted knives on their bodies as a pretext to kill them 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 15, 2016
Headline: "The masses of Jenin"
      "Masses in the village of Al-Araqa west of Jenin participated last night [Feb. 14, 2016] in the funeral procession of the child Martyrs (Shahids) Fuad Marwan Khaled Waked (15) and Nihad Raed Muhammad Waked (14) who were executed in cold blood on their land yesterday morning… The Martyrs' relatives vehemently denied that they [the Martyrs] shot at occupation forces, and emphasized that the accusation is clearly prepared in advance by placing weapons next to them, like in the cases of the other child Martyrs that they (i.e., the Israelis) execute and place sharp instruments or weapons next to them."

Fuad Marwan Khaled Waked and Nihad Raed Muhammad Waked – 15-year old terrorists, relatives, who threw rocks at Israeli soldiers and then shot at them with an M-16 rifle near Jenin on Feb. 14, 2016. The soldiers shot and killed them.
Official PA TV report on terrorists who shot at soldiers with M-16 rifle: Witness claims terrorists were “executed” in “cold blood” for no reason 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Feb. 14, 2016
Official PA TV News report on the funeral of terrorists Nihad and Fuad Waked

Official PA TV newsreader: "Occupation soldiers carried out another execution this morning in the village of Al-Araqa, west of Jenin. Fuad and Nihad Waked are the victims of the execution, which was carried out in a barbaric manner near the separation fence."
Samir Atatreh, an eye-witness: "They (i.e., Israelis) execute in cold blood, not only here, but in all of Palestine… they execute someone, beat him, and place a knife or [other] weapon next to him, and then they say that he meant to carry out an operation (i.e., terror attack)."

Fuad Marwan Khaled Waked and Nihad Raed Muhammad Waked – 15-year old terrorists, relatives, who threw rocks at Israeli soldiers and then shot at them with an M-16 rifle near Jenin on Feb. 14, 2016. The soldiers shot and killed them.
Two terrorists who stabbed an Israeli to death were “Martyrs” who were killed in a “summary execution”  
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 6, 2016
Headline: “Advance warning to families of Martyrs Assaf and Abu Habseh from Qalandiya of their homes’ demolishment”
      “It should be noted that Martyrs (Shahids) Assaf and Abu Habseh died as Martyrs on Dec. 23 of the past year [2015] at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem in a summary execution by the occupation.”

Issa Yassin Assaf and Anan Abu Habseh – 21-year-old and 20-year-old Palestinian terrorists who carried out a stabbing attack at the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Dec. 23, 2015. One Israeli was killed and another was wounded in the attack. Israeli police shot and killed the two terrorists and accidentally shot and killed an Israeli who was trying to stop the terrorists.
Fatah official: Terrorists were “executed in cold blood” 
Source: PNN Palestine News Network (independent Palestinian news agency), Feb. 4, 2016
Headline: "Fatah movement honors the Jerusalem Intifada's Martyrs in an impressive ceremony in the Hebron district"
     "Fatah's Hebron Center branch held a central ceremony yesterday [Feb. 3, 2016] in honor of the relatives of the Martyrs (Shahids) in the Hebron district who ascended to Heaven during the popular uprising, the 'Jerusalem Intifada,' called the 'Loyalty to Martyrs Rally.' [...]
In the speech for the Fatah Movement, Commissioner for Mobilization and Organization Mahmoud Al-Aloul said: 'I salute you, Martyrs' relatives and our sisters here in Hebron. Everyone here is witness to your benevolence, and at this opportunity we stand as a sign of loyalty to those who have experienced difficult trials, trusted in Allah, and gone to defend their honor with great will power. They are the ones who were witness to the occupation's crimes, and many of them were executed in cold blood, and the occupation still continues to perpetrate its crimes on our land and to wreak havoc...' Al-Aloul noted that the Palestinian people has been taught that this land is holy, and that the symbol Yasser Arafat died as a Martyr, defending Jerusalem, and for that they acted. They are the pride of this nation, and they have brought glory to the Arab and Islamic nation..."
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Fatah spokesman calls on Europe to condemn Israel’s “assassination of three young people,” but fails to mention they were terrorists who were killed mid-attack 
Source: Donia Al-Watan (independent Palestinian news agency), Feb. 4, 2016
     Fatah spokesman calls on Europe to condemn Israel’s “assassination of three young people,” but fails to mention they were terrorists who were killed mid-attack
Headline: Fatah warns against the “reenactment” of Operation Protective Edge by Israel in a 2016 version”
“Fatah Spokesman in Europe Dr. Jamal Al-Nazzal stated: ‘…Fatah calls to the global media and the global diplomatic mechanisms in our region to direct their attention to the acts that Israel commits in the dark and in measured doses, in order to suffocate the areas of life and disrupt the daily rhythm of the policy of resolve and building being implemented by the State of Palestine through the PA institutions.’
He added: ‘We are especially calling on the European organizations, parties, and parliaments to take steps to make their opposition to what is taking place clear, so that the occupation government will understand the severity of its actions, the last of which was the assassination of three young people (i.e., terrorists who killed an Israeli policewoman) in Jerusalem yesterday.”

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