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     PMW representatives have been invited to give testimony and present findings about Palestinian society, politics and ideologies in government, academic, and media frameworks. This includes hearings, lectures and briefings to members of US Congress and Senate, the Canadian, British, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Australian Parliaments, and members of European Parliament. PMW representatives have lectured at conferences and at universities in the US, Canada, France, England, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Philippians, and others, and to senior security officials around from the world. PMW has given analysis on CNN, FOX News, BBC, and the full range of world TV news and video documentaries.

Netanyahu used PMW report in meeting with FIFA President about PA bid to oust Israel 

‎“The head of the Palestinian Football Association and the Palestinian Olympic Committee ‎is using sporting events to glorify terrorists even while seeking to get Israel banned from ‎the international football federation (FIFA), claims a report by the Palestinian Media ‎Watch organization… Last week, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with ‎FIFA President Sepp Blatter, he showed him some of the findings in the [PMW] ‎report." 

British MPs reconsider funding the PA due to PMW report 

"British parliamentarians have called on their government to reconsider providing financial aid to the Palestinian Authority... According to Palestinian Media Watch, the PA tricked the British government into believing that it had ceased providing the salaries, though it had simply established a separate body through the Palestinian Liberation Organization to do the job." 

European MPs condemn PA for deceiving donors about the salary issue, as exposed in PMW report 

"Five European MPs from three separate parliaments have condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian Media Watch reports Monday, following the organization's special report proving that the PA is still paying salaries to terrorists and their families." 

PMW report to British MPs leads to "foreign aid scandal" in the UK 

In a joint statement, Tory MPs Guto Bebb, James Morris and Andrew Percy said: "British taxpayers will be appalled to discover that the Palestinian Authority is handing their hard-earned money to convicted Palestinian terrorists." 

11 MEPs call to stop funding the PA, citing PMW documentation 

"In a written declaration, 11 members of the European Parliament have called on the EU to cut the financial flow to organisations actively promoting terror... German Liberal MEP Michael Theurer, one of the signatories... mentioned in particular the so called 'law of prisoners' of the Palestinian Authority... The law grants prisoners that participated in 'the struggle against Israel's occupation' an average monthly salary of 3129 US Dollar,' according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).  

PMW helped win US court case against the PA, holding PA responsible for terror attacks that killed US citizens 

"This week, a jury in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, New York, finally accepted the evidence that was in Van Buitenen’s possession and other evidence provided by Palestinian Media Watch. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization were found liable for their role in knowingly supporting six terrorist attacks in Israel between 2002 and 2004 in which American citizens were killed." 

Congressman Wilson expresses support for PMW at subcommittee hearing 

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.): "The website Palestinian Media Watch, palwatch.org, does an excellent job of highlighting instances of aggression toward Israel, which otherwise may not be told. I support this website and its mission. The US must stand firmly with Israel." 

US Secretary of State John Kerry recognizes incitement is cause of Palestinian terror 

"The US secretary of state, John Kerry, blamed Palestinian leaders for the death of three ‎American rabbis in Jerusalem on Tuesday, suggesting the brutal murders in a ‎synagogue were 'a pure result of incitement' by groups like Hamas and Fatah.‎" 

Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Rivlin, and Defense Minister Ya'alon blame Jerusalem terror attack on PA incitement 

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas encourages violence against ‎Jews in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following the ‎vehicular terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday.‎" 

House of Representatives in Holland unanimously votes to cut funding to PA due to PMW exposure of terrorist salaries 

Holland’s Tweede Kamer, referred to as the House of Representatives, but a better translation is “second chamber,” approved a motion to stop the transfer of money it donates to the Palestinian Authority to terrorists in Israeli prisons. All 148 members voting of the 150 members of the chamber voted in favor of the motion. 

Dutch motion pressuring PA to stop paying salaries for prisoners passes 148-2 

"Noting that since 2011 the Palestinian Authority transfers money to convicted ‎Palestinians in Israeli prisons... calls on the Government, also ‎to work at the EU level, to end the Palestinian policy of payments to ‎Palestinian prisoners…” ‎ 

Israeli police raid PA TV studios over incitement exposed by PMW 

"Good Morning Jerusalem" was caught last January hosting a guest, President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Ola Awad, who insinuated "there is an Israeli policy" to get local Arabs addicted to drugs. Awad said "this policy is clear Judaization of Jerusalemites in a direct manner." The statements were revealed by Palestine Media Watch (PMW)." 

Prime Minister Netanyahu blames global Antisemitsm on PA incitement 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday (May 18, 2014) by addressing disturbing statistics from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which published a survey last week proving that over 25% of the world's population holds anti-Semitic views. "This is the result of the Palestinian Authority's endless incitement against Israel and attempts to distort Israel's image and the character of the Jewish people, as we know from past experience," Netanyahu said.  

MPs in the UK and other countries consider withholding aid from the PA based on PMW reports on funding terror 

In January, MPs representing the International Development Committee – the group that scrutinises Britain’s £8 billion annual overseas aid budget – quietly asked PMW to produce an updated version of the report, as part of its review of British aid spending in the Middle East. “It is like Britain paying money to the IRA so long as it is only used in soup kitchens,” said Itamar Marcus, one of the co-authors of the report. “The UK cannot close its eyes and pretend that it may not be UK money promoting terror.” 

British MPs call for suspension of aid to the PA until payments to terrorists cease 

Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth has called for Britain to suspend all aid to the Authority until payments to terrorists cease. ‘The Palestinian Authority is putting two fingers up to the British taxpayer,’ he said. ‘It is not the job of the hardworking British taxpayer to fund payments to terrorists.’... PMW said grants on release can be as much as £50,000. That compares to an average Palestinian wage of about £300 a month. Last year, the Palestinian Authority paid more than £60million to convicted terrorists 

Israel considers withholding funds to the PA equaling amount paid to prisoners each month 

Jerusalem currently transfers to PA about NIS 400 million monthly that it collects for it in tax and duty revenue. The government is considering subtracting from the monthly tax revenue it transfers to the Palestinian Authority the amount the PA pays to terrorists and their families... Money paid to the terrorists represents fully 5 percent of the PA's annual budget. 

Congressman Ted Poe cites PMW research in op-ed about terrorist salaries 

According to Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli-based NGO, the PA paid $100m. to terrorists in 2013... Every US dollar given to the PA serves as an indirect American taxpayer subsidy of whatever the PA chooses to spend its money on, including activities that are illegal under US law and activities that the United States otherwise opposes and seeks to stop... We need to stop subsidizing Palestinian Arab terrorists. We can start by halting all funding to the PA until they abolish the Law of the Prisoner. 

Congress trying to prevent US tax money from funding terrorist salaries, based on PMW documentation 

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) introduced the bill, under which President Barack Obama would have to certify that the Palestinian Authority “no longer engages in a pattern of incitement against the United States or Israel; and is engaged in peace preparation activities aimed at promoting peace with the Jewish State of Israel”...“No more Palestinian Authority-funded Facebook pages or children’s magazines holding up Hitler as a positive role model. Not only must the PA cease incitement, it should engage in a clear, conclusive and deliberate effort to officially and publicly repudiate the providers of such hatred,” Royce added. 

Congress considers limiting aid to the PA based on PMW documentation 

"The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee is considering freezing aid to the Palestinian Authority unless its continued incitement against Israel is curtailed... Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, told JNS.org, 'How can the U.S. justify funding a PA regime that glorifies murderers-using American money? How can the U.S. justify giving money to a regime that demonizes Jews as descendants of monkeys and pigs? Conditioning funding on the end of hatred is the ethical thing to do.'"  

House Appropriations Committee debates stopping aid to PA, based on PMW documentation 

"The US Congress House Appropriations Committee is debating cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless its ongoing incitement against Israel stops or is significantly curtailed. Under the new law, aid to the PA will be frozen until a reliable report is released proving that it has begun cutting down its incitement against the Jewish state. US lawmakers believe that the bill is expected to pass by a large majority vote in Congress, according to the daily." 

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