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     PMW representatives have been invited to give testimony and present findings about Palestinian society, politics and ideologies in government, academic, and media frameworks. This includes hearings, lectures and briefings to members of US Congress and Senate, the Canadian, British, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Australian Parliaments, and members of European Parliament. PMW representatives have lectured at conferences and at universities in the US, Canada, France, England, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Philippians, and others, and to senior security officials around from the world. PMW has given analysis on CNN, FOX News, BBC, and the full range of world TV news and video documentaries.

British MPs call for suspension of aid to the PA until payments to terrorists cease 

Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth has called for Britain to suspend all aid to the Authority until payments to terrorists cease. ‘The Palestinian Authority is putting two fingers up to the British taxpayer,’ he said. ‘It is not the job of the hardworking British taxpayer to fund payments to terrorists.’... PMW said grants on release can be as much as £50,000. That compares to an average Palestinian wage of about £300 a month. Last year, the Palestinian Authority paid more than £60million to convicted terrorists 

Israel considers withholding funds to the PA equaling amount paid to prisoners each month 

Jerusalem currently transfers to PA about NIS 400 million monthly that it collects for it in tax and duty revenue. The government is considering subtracting from the monthly tax revenue it transfers to the Palestinian Authority the amount the PA pays to terrorists and their families... Money paid to the terrorists represents fully 5 percent of the PA's annual budget. 

Congressman Ted Poe cites PMW research in op-ed about terrorist salaries 

According to Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli-based NGO, the PA paid $100m. to terrorists in 2013... Every US dollar given to the PA serves as an indirect American taxpayer subsidy of whatever the PA chooses to spend its money on, including activities that are illegal under US law and activities that the United States otherwise opposes and seeks to stop... We need to stop subsidizing Palestinian Arab terrorists. We can start by halting all funding to the PA until they abolish the Law of the Prisoner. 

Congress trying to prevent US tax money from funding terrorist salaries, based on PMW documentation 

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) introduced the bill, under which President Barack Obama would have to certify that the Palestinian Authority “no longer engages in a pattern of incitement against the United States or Israel; and is engaged in peace preparation activities aimed at promoting peace with the Jewish State of Israel”...“No more Palestinian Authority-funded Facebook pages or children’s magazines holding up Hitler as a positive role model. Not only must the PA cease incitement, it should engage in a clear, conclusive and deliberate effort to officially and publicly repudiate the providers of such hatred,” Royce added. 

Congress considers limiting aid to the PA based on PMW documentation 

"The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee is considering freezing aid to the Palestinian Authority unless its continued incitement against Israel is curtailed... Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, told JNS.org, 'How can the U.S. justify funding a PA regime that glorifies murderers-using American money? How can the U.S. justify giving money to a regime that demonizes Jews as descendants of monkeys and pigs? Conditioning funding on the end of hatred is the ethical thing to do.'"  

House Appropriations Committee debates stopping aid to PA, based on PMW documentation 

"The US Congress House Appropriations Committee is debating cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless its ongoing incitement against Israel stops or is significantly curtailed. Under the new law, aid to the PA will be frozen until a reliable report is released proving that it has begun cutting down its incitement against the Jewish state. US lawmakers believe that the bill is expected to pass by a large majority vote in Congress, according to the daily." 

Dutch parliament reconsiders aid to the PA, based on PMW documentation 

"The Dutch Parliament has called on the Dutch government to pressure the Palestinian Authority (PA) to stop giving Palestinian terrorists aid money. According to research complied by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Palestinian terrorists who spend more than five years in Israeli prisons continue receiving money even after their release. Much of the money comes from aid funds provided by European Union nations." 

Congressman Gerlach writes to US Secretary of State Kerry about PA salaries for imprisoned terrorists 

Recent news reports (originally exposed by PMW) have indicated that the PA has provided monetary payments or salaries to individuals convicted of committing acts of terrorism, including those recently released as part of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks... what is the U.S. Department of State doing specifically to immediately halt any U.S. taxpayer dollars going to the PA until this program is stopped? U.S. foreign aid, which is distributed through and administered by the U.S. Department of State and/or U.S. Agency for International Development, must not be used by the PA directly or indirectly to compensate convicted terrorists and/or their families." 

Dutch motion passed to pressure PA to stop salaries for terrorists 

‎"The [Dutch] parliament... noting that since 2011 the Palestinian Authority ‎has been giving money to convicted Palestinians in Israeli prisons... calls on ‎the [Dutch] Government in its contacts with the Palestinian Authority to ‎demand it stop this support..." ‎ 

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor announces upcoming PMW report in speech before the UN Security Council 

“Did the resolution passed last year inspire the Palestinian Authority to prepare their people for peace? Not in the least. Rather than teaching their children tolerance and mutual recognition, the Palestinian leadership continues to foster a culture of incitement... Palestinian Media Watch will soon release a report documenting hundreds of examples of Palestinian incitement since the peace talks began. One such example is football teams named in honor of terrorists responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against Israelis. [PMW's Dalal Ping Pong bulletin] Instead of teaching kids to score goals, the Palestinian leadership’s goal is to glorify murderers."  

Netanyahu cites PMW material in letter to John Kerry 

"'Incitement and peace cannot coexist,' wrote Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry... Palestinian Authority TV (PA TV) recently offered $100 prizes in man-on-the-street interviews with Palestinians who identified Israeli territory as part of 'Palestine,' Palestinian Media Watch reported. 'Rather than educate the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, this hate education lays the ground for continued violence, terror and conflict,' Netanyahu’s letter to Kerry stated." 

Netanyahu sends letter to John Kerry citing PA incitement exposed by PMW 

"Netanyahu wrote to Kerry that leading Palestinian Authority officials were calling for Israel’s destruction even after peace talks resumed on July 31 in Washington... 'Instead of educating the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, the education of hate poisons them against Israel and lays the groundwork for continued violence and terror,' he wrote... He also pointed out that an anchor on the PA’s official news channel stated, during a broadcast of the Barcelona soccer team’s visit to the West Bank last week, that the state of Palestine would extend from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat, i.e. the entire length of Israel, constituting another incendiary statement (exposed by PMW)." 

Israeli PM Netanyahu presents FIFA with PMW documentation 

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter... the Prime Minister decided to show him concrete evidence of the Palestinians' use of football fields as bases for launching rockets at civilian populations in Israel.... Netanyahu also referred to recent media interviews by Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub in which the latter said that if the Palestinians had an atomic bomb, they would have already used it on Israel (exposed by PMW)." 

US Congressmen demand Abbas fire former advisor, based on PMW documentation 

"We were troubled to learn (from PMW) that a senior Palestinian Authority official, Sultan Abu Al-Einein, who previously served as your advisor holding the rank of minister, had recently expressed his open support for the murderer who killed Evyatar Borovsky, an Israeli who was stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorist Salam Al-Zaghal while he was waiting for a ride... President Abbas, allowing this type of incitement and hatemongering to take place within your ranks is intolerable if you are truly dedicated to non-violence. We ask that you publically and officially denounce and condemn Mr. Al-Einein’s remarks at once and remove him from his position in your government."  

Israel Ambassador Prosor writes letter to UN about map erasing Israel, exposed by PMW 

"[PMW exposed that] on May 2, 2013, officials from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) attended an event in southern Lebanon. At the event, Ann Dismorr, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, posed for photos with a map that erased the State of Israel and identified the geographic area as 'Palestine.'" 

Israel Ambassador Prosor cites PMW material in speech to the UN 

"It doesn't take an urban planner to realize that the Palestinians are missing the blueprints to build a peaceful neighborhood. From cradles to kindergarten classrooms, from the fields of summer camps to the fields of football stadiums, messages of intolerance fill Palestinian society... Flip through the channels of Palestinian Authority television and you might find a children's program featuring a young girl reciting a poem that called Jews (and I quote) 'Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs' who 'rap[e] women in city squares (exposed by PMW).' Apparently, this is what passes for 'educational television' under the Palestinian Authority." 

Members of US Congress write to Abbas to condemn PA TV hate speech PMW had exposed 

“We are writing to express our grave dismay and deep concern over the recent broadcast of a children’s program on Palestinian Television which included rabid incitement against the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The children's show, The Best Home, included a scene in which a young girl recited a poem filled with messages of hate and other libels demonizing Jews (exposed by PMW).” 

Norway continues investigating its aid to the PA, based on PMW documentation 

There have been greatly surprising developments in Norway in the past weeks. Conservative parliamentarian Peter Gitmark has said on television that his country is indirectly funding Palestinian terrorists. The country’s three largest opposition parties – the Conservatives, the Progress Party and the Christian Democrats – have asked for an investigation into Norwegian financing of the Palestinian Authority by the Parliamentary Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs... All of this was triggered by information provided by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). It showed that the PA uses money from its budget to pay salaries to all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails for security offenses. The recipients include those serving multiple life sentences for murder." 

PMW impact in Norway: Government questions its funding of the PA 

"Norway, of all places, suddenly has doubts about the financial aid it offers the Palestinian Authority. Norway is one of the PA's biggest supporters... Now, someone has woken up and the Norwegian media wants to know: 'Where is our money going?' ... Tormod Strand, a senior journalist with Norwegian public TV, decided to follow the money trail; and together with Itamar Marcus, who heads "Palestinian Media Watch" — an Israeli research institute that monitors the PA's media and schoolbooks — produced two episodes that presented the unadulterated hatred preached by the Palestinian Authority's media towards Israel and the Jews." 

Norway re-examines its aid to the PA based on PMW findings 

"A debate about aid to Palestinians has erupted in Norway, a country that has long been one of the strongest supporters of Palestinian causes in Europe. Suddenly, an urgent level of scrutiny is bringing into question whether Oslo’s aid might be making peace less likely, rather than more... The Israeli group Palestinian Media Watch monitors and translates Palestinian television, and it has long argued that its programming is poisoning the well, demonizing Israel and the Jews to their own people, even as Palestinian leaders speak of peace and reconciliation to international audiences." 

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