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Sun Sentinel on PMW Director Itamar Marcus' presentation at FAU 

"Itamar Marcus — founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch — told an audience of nearly 200 people (both students and community members) at Florida Atlantic University's (FAU) Boca Raton campus on Nov. 10 that the Palestinian Authority (PA) poisons the minds of its people with anti-Israel messages through its media." 

PMW director shows that Palestinian hate speech makes peace impossible 

"Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch said the PA is poisoning the minds of its population through videos, cartoons, and even crossword puzzles. 'We know what they’re saying in English to the media and negotiators, but we wanted to know what they were saying in Arabic, particularly what they’re saying to kids, because that will affect generations to come,' said Marcus." 

Students use PMW material to protest planned speech by Abbas' advisor at Israeli university 

“Students at [Israel’s] Ben Gurion University were astounded to discover that Dr. Mahmoud Al-Habbash [Abbas’ Advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs] had given a lecture yesterday at the institution where they are studying... According to the students, [Al-Habbash] incites regularly against Jews... [In a letter protesting the event] the students... quote[d] statements by Al-Habbash, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch." 

Israel Hayom quotes PMW's documentation of violence promotion by Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Abbas' advisor on religion 

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' adviser on religious and Islamic affairs, Mahmoud al-Habbash... has been quoted repeatedly advocating the importance of ribat, or Muslim religious war, and encouraging conflict with Israel... Palestinian Media Watch catalogued al-Habbash's extensive history of promoting conflict with Israel both in his current role and in his former position as religious affairs minister." 

"Incitement continues" - as reported by PMW 

"Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch reported this week that in recent weeks Mahmoud al-Habash, Mahmoud Abbas' adviser on religious affairs, has adopted the terminology and religious belief of Hamas, which portrays peace with Israel as a violation of Islamic law." 

Congressional bill seeks to cut aid until PA stops paying terrorists' salaries, as exposed by PMW 

"After Abbas’s denunciation of the latest synagogue attack, the official Facebook page for his political party Fatah reportedly posted a video and statement suggesting that his condemnation of terrorism was insincere. One of Abbas’s advisers praised the terror attacks on Thursday, according to Palestinian Media Watch." 

IPT institute quotes PMW extensively on PA incitement that led to recent terror surge 

"In light of increasing terrorist attacks, Netanyahu has repeatedly accused the PA and Hamas of ‎inciting violence against Israeli citizens. The following section outlines key examples of Palestinian ‎Authority and Fatah sanctioned incitement to violence and glorification of terrorism in recent weeks‎ (most of which were exposed and reported by PMW - PMW Ed.)" 

JPost op-ed: PMW research shows that the PA's real goal is no Israel 

"There is an Israeli research institute called Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) which monitors what is being said by the Palestinian leaders in Arabic and releases translations to the public. Through extensive research and translations done by this institute, it becomes quite clear what the Palestinian leadership’s message is to their people: there is no 'Israel' and Palestinians must do everything within their power to rid Palestinian lands of the 'Zionists.'" 

JNS cites PMW-exposed statements glorifying terrorists made by Abbas' advisor 

"Palestinian Media Watch has compiled a long list of statements by [senior adviser to PA president Abbas and member of the Central Committee of Fatah Sultan Abu Al-] Einen praising terrorists. But the one that attracted the most attention was his public praise, in May 2013, of a terrorist who stabbed to death an Israeli father of five. Einen said the killer was a “heroic fighter” and called for “blessings to the breast that nursed him.” In response, five members of Congress—Republican Ed Royce (Calif.) and Democrats Eliot Engel (N.Y.), Nita Lowey (N.Y.), Ted Deutch (Fla.), and Brad Sherman (Calif.)—wrote to Abbas, demanding that he fire Einen." 

JPost mentions PMW research exposing PA libels about Al-Aqsa Mosque 

"[For years] Palestinian leaders, including Abbas, [have been] claiming that Israel is intent on destroying al-Aksa Mosque or wresting the Temple Mount from Muslims. According to one such claim, construction on the Mughrabi Bridge was a plot to undermine the foundation of the Aksa Mosque. (The watchdog organization Palestinian Media Watch maintains an online catalog of countless such statements, going back to 1997)." 

Fox News reports on PMW bulletin exposing song glorifying car terrorism 

“In the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank… [car] attacks are being glorified in song… ‘Run them over, burn the next in line,’ goes the song… translated by Palestinian Media Watch. ‘Don't leave a single settler. Wait for them at the intersection. Let the settler drown in red blood.’” 

JNS reports on shocking PA daily cartoon exposed by PMW 

"A leering, hook-nosed Jew, beginning to disrobe, prepares to pounce upon a helpless non-Jewish woman who cowers in fear on the ground before him... This disturbing image, so common in anti-Semitic propaganda in past centuries, this week made an appearance with a modern twist: the hook-nosed would-be rapist wore an Israeli army uniform... It [the cartoon] appear[ed]... on the official website of the Palestinian Authority’s National Security Forces, according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch." 

CAMERA uses PMW documentation to demonstrate PA incitement that fomented violence in Jerusalem 

"Several days before a Palestinian Islamic Jihad member from Jerusalem tried to murder Temple Mount advocate Yehudah Glick, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke at a conference in Ramallah and called upon Palestinians to defend the Temple Mount (al Aqsa compound) from the Jews 'using all means.' In the following days, the PA’s official television network rebroadcast Abbas’ call more than 19 times, as Palestinian Media Watch documented." 

Jewish Voice on PMW bulletin exposing PA incitement against conference where Rabbi Glick was shot 

"Hours before Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick was shot by an Arab would-be assassin at an event at the Begin Heritage Center... former Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei called for "immediate intervention" against the event. The shocking revelation was made by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)." 

Algemeiner: Spike in PA incitement (exposed by PMW) led to Jerusalem violence 

"An Israeli media watchdog is charging that an official Palestinian Authority (PA) video recently aired ‎‎19 times in three days implicitly calls for taking violent measures against Israeli Jews.‎.. The video clip shows PA President Mahmoud Abbas, in a speech from October 17th, calling for ‎Palestinians to prevent 'in any way' Jews from going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, according ‎to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)‎." 

PMW Director Itamar Marcus interviewed in documentary about Israel 

"Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch... 'One of the goals of Palestinian historians, begun in the 1990s, is to write a history of Palestine that won't allow for the existence of any other people in the land' -- what Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution calls a 'pseudohistory.' The Palestinian Authority, continues Marcus, 'often cites the persecution of Jews in European countries as proof, not that the Jews were persecuted, but as proof of the Jews' evil nature.'"  

PMW documentation shows that the PA continues to propagate drug libels 

"The Palestinian Authority (PA) has perpetuated another "drug libel," Palestinian Media Watch reports Wednesday - a continuation of the anti-Semitic trope ("blood libel") whereby Jews are accused of purposefully harming their neighbors in odd and counterintuitive ways... In 2012, PMW exposed five different articles in which PA officials had claimed Israel was distributing and manufacturing drugs in the PA, through a 'systematic policy to destroy Palestinian society.'"  

Jewish paper cites PMW documentation: PA opposes war with Israel only because they would lose 

"The indispensable Palestinian Media Watch has 'documented that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas himself has said a number of times that he opposes violence against Israel only because it is not currently in the Palestinian interest. He has given two main reasons for this. First, Palestinians are not prepared militarily, and second, a war would heavily damage the infrastructure in the Palestinian areas.'" 

CBN News: PMW exposes that PA pays salaries of 60,000 civil servants who don't work 

"According to a 2014 congressional report, the U.S. government has committed more than $5 billion to the Palestinian Authority since the mid-1990s. Yet the average Palestinian is still living in abject poverty. In a video interview, obtained courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas indicates where the money may have gone. "We've been transferring more than 50 percent of our [P.A.] budget to Gaza, including salaries to 60,000 to 70,000 [P.A.] civil servants who aren't working," Abbas says in the video... According to those figures, those '60,000 P.A. workers receive $47 million a month -- not to work,' PMW said." 

Chicago Sun Times piece says Israel is not obstacle to peace, citing PMW material 

"A couple of recent episodes show it’s not Israel blocking a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After Israel killed the two Hamas operatives who murdered the three Israeli teens, the murderers were idolized by Palestinian Authority media as martyrs, according to the monitoring organization Palestinian Media Watch. The authority’s official TV said the two were killed 'at 2 a.m., according to Zionist hatred time.'" 

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