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Jewish paper cites PMW documentation: PA opposes war with Israel only because they would lose 

"The indispensable Palestinian Media Watch has 'documented that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas himself has said a number of times that he opposes violence against Israel only because it is not currently in the Palestinian interest. He has given two main reasons for this. First, Palestinians are not prepared militarily, and second, a war would heavily damage the infrastructure in the Palestinian areas.'" 

CBN News: PMW exposes that PA pays salaries of 60,000 civil servants who don't work 

"According to a 2014 congressional report, the U.S. government has committed more than $5 billion to the Palestinian Authority since the mid-1990s. Yet the average Palestinian is still living in abject poverty. In a video interview, obtained courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas indicates where the money may have gone. "We've been transferring more than 50 percent of our [P.A.] budget to Gaza, including salaries to 60,000 to 70,000 [P.A.] civil servants who aren't working," Abbas says in the video... According to those figures, those '60,000 P.A. workers receive $47 million a month -- not to work,' PMW said." 

Chicago Sun Times piece says Israel is not obstacle to peace, citing PMW material 

"A couple of recent episodes show it’s not Israel blocking a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After Israel killed the two Hamas operatives who murdered the three Israeli teens, the murderers were idolized by Palestinian Authority media as martyrs, according to the monitoring organization Palestinian Media Watch. The authority’s official TV said the two were killed 'at 2 a.m., according to Zionist hatred time.'" 

Israel Hayom cites PMW documentation of the PA glorifying the killer of 3 Israeli teens 

"Last month, when the terrorists who abducted and murdered Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel near Hebron in June (a trigger for Operation Protective Edge) were apprehended and killed when they opened fire on Israeli soldiers, the official PA TV channel broadcast the following segment, provided by Palestinian Media Watch: 'PA TV reporter: 'At 2 a.m., according to Zionist hatred time, the residential quarter in Hebron awoke to the sound of shots fired by the occupation directly at the two shahids [martyrs], Amer Abu Aisheh and Marwan Al-Qawasmeh...'" 

Algemeiner uses PMW documentation of PA accusing US of creating IS to destabilize Middle East 

"Just two weeks ago, both PA cabinet minister Yusuf Ida’is and the official PA news agency WAFA praised the killers of the three Israeli teenagers –one of whom was an American– as 'Shahids,' or 'martyrs.' And just a few weeks before that, the official PA daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published no less than five articles in a six-day period acusing the United States of creating ISIS in order to destabilize the Middle East. (For details, see www.palwatch.org)" 

Israel Hayom on PMW bulletin - Hamas says wiping out Israel will be easier from West Bank 

"If Hamas manages to establish a foothold in the West Bank, it would be able to wipe out Israel and establish an Islamic state in its stead, senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar told Palestinian news outlet Al-Ayyam on Wednesday. The interview, translated and posted by Palestinian Media Watch on Sunday, revealed Hamas' previously covert intention of taking over the West Bank." 

Breitbart on PMW bulletin exposing PA daily article praising Israel's treatment of Palestinian workers 

"A September 21, 2014 article in the Palestinian Authority controlled daily publication, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, praises Israel as well as Israeli businesses for their treatment of Palestinian workers. The same article condemned Palestinian employers for their unfair treatment of fellow Palestinians. First reported and translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida article stated: 'Whenever Palestinian workers have the opportunity to work for Israeli employers, they are quick to quit their jobs with their Palestinian employers.'" 

IPT article on PMW bulletin about PA glorification of murderers of 3 teens 

"Two Hamas terrorists responsible for kidnapping and murdering three Israeli boys in June are being honored by the Palestinian Authority as "martyrs," according to a Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) report. 'Shahid,' or martyr, is a designation for people who 'achieve [the] highest status in Islam' and will be rewarded in the afterlife, the report said." 

JPost: Israeli-Arab MP compared Israel to ISIS, originally exposed by PMW 

"'The Israeli organization closest to Islamic State is the government of Israel,' Barakei said, according to a translation Palestinian Media Watch released on Sunday." 

Fatah hate speech worsened, according to Israel Hayom article citing PMW documentation 

"While Hamas operates for the most part underground, Fatah is out in the open... They [Fatah] also use the PA's official media organs, as documented by the watchdog Palestinian Media Watch. The public statements made recently by senior Fatah officials teach us that the language and terminology used by the organization in addressing local Palestinians has changed. Fatah and Hamas are trying to outdo each other in disseminating hatred of Jews and Israel, even while Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaks of reconciliation and nonviolence." 

Breitbart recaps PMW bulletin: PA officials call Israeli-Palestinian soccer match "a crime against humanity" 

One of the highest-ranking Palestinian officials condemned a recent soccer match between Israeli and Palestinian schoolchildren on a southern kibbutz, calling the bridge-building event “a crime against humanity.” Palestinian Media Watch reports that Jibril Rajoub, the deputy secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and the head of the Palestinian Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, said the match represented “an Israeli attempt to cover up their crimes against [Palestinian] athletes.” “Any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy is a crime against humanity,” Rajoub said. 

Chicago Sun-Times cites PMW material on PA incitement during Gaza operation to show Abbas not serious about peace 

"Abbas has plenty of questions he should answer, for example, about the campaign of hate his government sanctions. PA TV likened Israeli bombing of a Hamas operations office to the 9/11 attack in New York, according to Palestinian Media Watch. Palestinian Authority media claimed that the recent kidnapping-murders of three Israeli youth, the work of Hamas, was an Israeli 'plot' to start war, that Israelis are 'adorers of Nazism,' and that 'the Israeli propaganda machine' and Jewish funding 'control the TV and media channels.'" 

Many Palestinians blame Israel for 9/11, evidenced in PMW bulletin 

"The Palestinian Authority TV ran a section last week showing a 12-story Hamas headquarters building being toppled by Israel, splicing that footage with the footage of the 9/11 attack in New York, and suggesting, all these years later, that Israel 'did it.' Palestinian Media Watch, which distributed the footage, after having translated it into English, said: 'Unfortunately the PA did not provide its viewers with all the facts... No one was killed in the Gaza attack, unlike in the World Trade Center, where nearly 3,000 innocent civilians were killed.'" 

Fox News: PMW documentation shows PA not acting like a potential peace partner 

"Abbas... has a strange way of signaling to Israelis that he wants peace... A study by the respected Palestinian Media Watch details a barrage of hate unleashed by the PA and its affiliate, Fatah... The U.S. should demand that the PA stop demonizing its neighbor. Unless the Obama administration and other “peacemakers” force the PA to talk peace to its own constituents, the toxic yield from its harvest of hate will poison hopes for peace for years to come." 

US pushing peace talks despite continued PA incitement, documented by PMW 

"The countless publications of the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization, which monitors PA media publications and broadcasts make it clear there have been no changes whatsoever in the glorification of terror at the government level from Ramallah. So how does Mahmoud Abbas differ from Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal? Simple. He wages war with words, encourages terror at the diplomatic and educational level. It’s the most dangerous terrorism of all, and the United States and Europe both fund his efforts, full throttle." 

PA not a suitable peace partner, as shown by PMW documentation 

"On the very first day of the war, Fatah’s official Facebook page, called “Fatah – The Main Page” posted what it called “A message to the Israeli government and the Israeli people.” Here’s what Abbas’ Fatah had to say to Israelis as hundreds of rockets were being fired at them from Gaza: 'Death will reach you from the south to the north. Flee our country and you won’t die. The KN-103 rocket is on its way toward you.' And that was just the beginning... And Fatah’s assault has not been limited to words. On July 7, Fatah’s Facebook page announced that Fatah’s military unit, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, 'targeted the enemy’s bases and settlements with 35 rockets.'" (All translations courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch.) 

PMW director Itamar Marcus is keynote speaker at event to welcome visiting NY Congressional hopeful 

One of the keynote speakers at the event was Itamar Marcus, whose NGO monitors incitement within the Palestinian media. Marcus urged Blakeman to fight against the notion that "Hamas is the problem and the Palestinian Authority is the solution." Noting the long list of incidents of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement within the PA's official media even in the past few weeks, Marcus said that peace would not come until the international community recognized the difference between actual moderates and extremists. "The biggest mistake, the biggest misunderstanding ... since the signing of the Oslo Accords, is that the Palestinian Authority is a peace party." 

Arutz Sheva recaps PMW bulletin: PA claims teens' murder was "fabricated" to start war 

In an op-ed this Saturday by Yahya Rabah, a regular columnist for the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the claim was made that Israel invented the horrific murders as a "pretext." Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) revealed and translated the piece... The PA daily columnist asserted "the aggression began on June 12 following a fabricated event for which no one took responsibility, that is, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens." 

Tazpit News Agency recaps PMW bulletin: PA accuses America of establishing ISIS 

The Palestinian Authority official daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, has published five articles in the last six weeks accusing the United States of establishing the radical Islamic movement Islamic State (ISIS or IS) that has conquered vast territory in Syria and Iraq in recent months, this according to a report compiled by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).  

JPost: PMW special report exposes PA Holocaust desecration during Gaza war 

The Palestinian Authority and the Fatah Party constantly used Nazi and Holocaust analogies to demonize Israel during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, according to a forthcoming report by Palestinian Media Watch titled "Holocaust desecration by the Palestinian Authority during the 2014 Gaza operation."... The following are examples of Holocaust comparisons used by PA and Fatah leaders and official news outlets: * Israel's operation was a "Holocaust unlike any that has been recorded in history" * The incursion in Gaza was "reenacting the Holocaust" * Binyamin Netanyahu is a "descendant of the Nazis" * Israel is "the new Nazis" * "Nazi Israeli mentality" * "Israel, the rogue state, which is still blackmailing Germany, Europe, and humanity with the Holocaust" 

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