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Breitbart recaps PMW bulletin: PA accuses US of creating ISIS 

The state-controlled Palestinian Authority daily newspaper has published five separate articles in the past six weeks which accuse the United States of being responsible for the creation of the Islamic State terror group, Palestinian Media Watch reports. The articles all share a common theme, as Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) documents: they are all based on the claim that “the US has a long term goal of controlling the Arab-Muslim states by dividing them through conflict and wars. ISIS's war and other conflicts are all said to be the work of the US.” 

Fox News on Fatah Facebook post exposed by PMW 

"Palestinian Media Watch... believes Fatah’s highlighting of its terror activities is a tactic designed to appease radicals within its own West Bank, as well as remind elements of Palestinian society clearly attracted by Hamas’ armed opposition to Israel, that Fatah also has terror options at its fingertips - and a track record to prove it." 

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld: "Subscribe to the bulletins of Palestinian Media Watch" 

Whoever wants to follow the more recent genocidal expressions of Hamas should subscribe to the bulletins of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) or go to its website... PMW mentions that Hamas TV also recently broadcast a statement from former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh who has said in the past: “We love death like our enemies love life! We love Martyrdom, the way in which [Hamas] leaders died.” 

The Bolt Report uses PMW material to prove that Hamas is responsible for civilian deaths 

Gaza outrage: it’s really just about the Jews, isn’t it? 

The Blaze: Sermon translated by PMW shows Hamas not interested in peace 

“Our belief about fighting you [Jews] is that we will exterminate you, until the last one, and we will not leave of you, even one,” the cleric says, according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch. “For you are the usurpers of the land, foreigners, mercenaries of the present and of all times. Look at history, brothers: Wherever there were Jews, they spread corruption.”  

WND recaps PMW bulletin: Hamas loves death like Israel loves life 

“Today you [Israelis] are fighting divine soldiers, who love death for Allah like you love life, and who compete among themselves for Martyrdom like you flee from death,” said Hamas Chief of Staff Muhammad Deif in a recorded statement broadcast Wednesday by Al Aqsa TV, the Hamas channel. Palestinian Media Watch, which translated the statement and posted video of it, noted Deif is commander of Hamas’ military wing, the Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades. 

Townhall quotes PMW director Itamar Marcus about Islamic TV: "The brainwashing continues daily" 

Itamar Marcus from Palestinian Media Watch observed, "Watching Islamic controlled TV is an eye-opening experience. Ads state that all sins are forgiven in suicide, and you will marry 72 dark-eyed virgins. Death by suicide is a joyous wedding to 72 virgins, not a funeral. Another public service ad suggests that when a mother loses one son, they should give the cry of joy and give a gun to their next son so he too can bring the mother joy." 

Shalom TV interviews Itamar Marcus on the Gaza conflict 

Shalom TV President Mark S. Golub interviews Itamar Marcus, founder of Palestinian Media Watch, on Palestinian incitement and the current Gaza conflict. 

Itamar Marcus interviewed on The John Batchelor Show 

John Batchelor interviews Itamar Marcus on Palestinian incitement and the current conflict in the Middle East. 

WND recaps PMW video of Hamas song celebrating alleged kidnapping of Israeli soldier 

Members of Hamas – the Palestinian group governing Gaza the U.S. has designated a terrorist organization – earlier celebrated the alleged kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by shooting off fireworks and handing out candy to people in the street, according to Palestinian Media Watch. Now, Hamas has released a YouTube video of a song celebrating what it describes as the abduction of Israeli soldier Shaul Oron, who has been missing since last week amid the military conflict in Gaza...The song mocks Oron, Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “You retard, you will accept [our] terms and drink from the cup of humiliation,” the song tells Netanyahu. 

The Commentator: As seen in PMW video, Hamas "glories in death of Palestinian civilians" 

PMW quoted Hamas TV in the broadcast as saying: "Every soul has its time. These people - their time had come, and they were Martyred (i.e., Gaza civilians killed in war). They have gained [Paradise]... Being with Allah is better. What we see is very hard but we won't surrender, Allah willing. The first to say it are the Martyrs' family. The first to say it are the Martyrs' mothers and fathers... Don't be disturbed by these images. He who was killed this way doesn't feel." 

Who is killing Palestinian children? Hamas is, Frontpage Magazine concludes based on PMW material 

There is sufficient documentary evidence to show that Israeli pilots have cancelled scheduled air strikes after having spotted children and other innocents close to sites designated for destruction. On the other hand, since the outbreak of the war, the Hamas government repeatedly ordered citizens to ignore Israel’s warnings to evacuate before the strikes: residents were to remain inside their houses and not to “collaborate with the enemy.” [Links to PMW article] 

JM in the AM interviews PMW founder Itamar Marcus 

Nachum welcomed Itamar Marcus, founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch, to JM in the AM to explore the organization’s vital work.  

Algemeiner quotes PMW director Itamar Marcus on Fatah's support for Hamas attacks on Israel 

According to Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is not personally supporting Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, but Fatah—the movement he heads—is spreading a violent anti-Israel message on Facebook. In a Tuesday post on the official Fatah Facebook page, “a poster claiming to be from the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fatah, called for renewing suicide terror attacks against Israel,” Marcus said. 

Cal Thomas uses PMW material to show that Abbas isn't so "moderate" as some believe 

Last week in a Facebook posting, as reported by Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli research institute that studies Palestinian society, Ofir Gendelman the spokesman to the Arab media in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, asked Abbas in Arabic if he saw reconciliation with Hamas as a means to fight Israel. Gendelman's post included a cartoon of Hamas and Fatah fighters smiling, shaking hands and aiming rifles at an Israeli soldier. “To his question about uniting to fight Israel,” writes PMW, “Fatah posted its answer: 'Yes, this is what we want.'” 

CBN news on Fatah and Hamas social media as exposed by PMW 

To understand the ideology embraced by Hamas and Fatah, a working knowledge of Arabic is very helpful. The two Palestinian factions formed a unity government in early June. The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) staff makes it their business to monitor both factions' Arabic-language websites, Facebook pages, Tweets and satellite television programs. 

Based on PMW material, i24news.tv draws similarities between Fatah and Hamas 

Is the Palestinian Authority joining Hamas in its latest fight against Israel? Fatah posted Wednesday a video on its Facebook page from its military wing Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades warning Israelis to flee the country, NGO Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported. “Death will reach you from the south to the north. Flee our country without dying. The KN-103 rocket is on its way to you,” the message read. 

International Business Times cites PMW-exposed videos from during Operation Protective Edge 

Hamas aired a music video on its television channel that calls on suicide bombers to “blow up Tel Aviv,” Palestinian Media Watch reported Thursday. The Israel-based nonprofit said the video appeared Wednesday on Al-Aqsa TV, the Hamas-run television station in Gaza. The one-minute, 12-second video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, shows rockets being fired and destroyed cafes and buses from suicide attacks in Israel. 

Washington Free Beacon recaps PMW bulletin on Fatah video incitement 

The military wing of Fatah sent a message on Wednesday in Hebrew to Israel that “death will reach you from the south to the north,” and advising the Israeli government and people to “flee our country and you won’t die.” The video, made available by Palestinian Media Watch, was produced by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and posted by Fatah on Facebook. 

Powerline: President Obama should take a look at PMW's website 

Abbas is such a peacenik that the media under his control via Fatah or the Palestinian Authority ‎regularly call for the extinction of Israel. Palestinian Media Watch makes the work of the Palestinian ‎media accessible in English and interested observers can witness the phenomenon for themselves.‎ Let’s take a recent example highlighted by PMW. Only four days after the kidnapping of the three Israeli ‎teenagers, Abbas’s Fatah movement posted a video on its Facebook page promising Israelis: ‎‎“Death is near.”  

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