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11 MEPs call to stop funding the PA, citing PMW documentation
"In a written declaration, 11 members of the European Parliament have called on the EU to cut the financial flow to organisations actively promoting terror... German Liberal MEP Michael Theurer, one of the signatories... mentioned in particular the so called 'law of prisoners' of the Palestinian Authority... The law grants prisoners that participated in 'the struggle against Israel's occupation' an average monthly salary of 3129 US Dollar,' according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).
Mar. 4, 2015
PMW helped win US court case against the PA, holding PA responsible for terror attacks that killed US citizens
"This week, a jury in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, New York, finally accepted the evidence that was in Van Buitenen’s possession and other evidence provided by Palestinian Media Watch. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization were found liable for their role in knowingly supporting six terrorist attacks in Israel between 2002 and 2004 in which American citizens were killed."
Feb. 26, 2015
Congressman Wilson expresses support for PMW at subcommittee hearing
Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.): "The website Palestinian Media Watch, palwatch.org, does an excellent job of highlighting instances of aggression toward Israel, which otherwise may not be told. I support this website and its mission. The US must stand firmly with Israel."
Feb. 4, 2015
US Secretary of State John Kerry recognizes incitement is cause of Palestinian terror
"The US secretary of state, John Kerry, blamed Palestinian leaders for the death of three ‎American rabbis in Jerusalem on Tuesday, suggesting the brutal murders in a ‎synagogue were 'a pure result of incitement' by groups like Hamas and Fatah.‎"
Nov. 18, 2014
Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Rivlin, and Defense Minister Ya'alon blame Jerusalem terror attack on PA incitement
"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas encourages violence against ‎Jews in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following the ‎vehicular terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday.‎"
Oct. 24, 2014

PMW in the Media

JNS.org - Apr. 9, 2015
"One visit to the website of Palestinian Media Watch provides ample evidence of the PA’s manipulation of soccer to promote terror. These are just a few examples from PA-controlled territory in recent years: In the town of Qaffin, a soccer team was named after “the Martyr Ziyad Da’as.” He helped mastermind the 2002 Hadera bat mitzvah massacre in which six people, including African-American band leader Aharon Ellis, were slaughtered. A soccer game in the town of Tzurif began with a moment of silence in honor of Khalil al-Wazir, better known as Abu Jihad, a veteran terrorist leader. He helped planned the 1978 Tel Aviv beach front attack in which Gail Rubin, the niece of a U.S. senator, and 37 bus passengers were massacred..."

Israel Hayom - Apr. 6, 2015
"The Palestinian Media Watch institute exposed that just a week ago, the official television channel ‎of the PA chose to broadcast a clip in which a school pupil calls to kill Jews ('We will fight the ‎Jews, kill them and overcome them.') This, of course, isn't the only incitement. Last year, the ‎Palestinian Authority Education Ministry organized a sports event in honor of the Egyptian poet ‎Hisham al-Gakh after the latter read a poem that included the words, 'My enemy, Zion, Satan with a ‎tail.'"

Fox News - Apr. 2, 2015
"The Palestinian Authority itself has been signaling their Israeli neighbors that they are ‎preparing their kids for war, not peace. The important NGO, Palestinian Media Watch, ‎continuously documents how PA uses education and culture to promote haters ‎and terrorist murderers of Jews.‎"

JNS.org - Apr. 1, 2015
"The Obama administration frequently does indeed pretend that a foreign leader didn’t say something—when a Palestinian leader is the one who said it. Here are a few examples, just from the past month. (All translations courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch.) On March 8, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party celebrated International Women’s Day by posting on its official website photos and text praising Amna Muna, a Palestinian woman who kidnapped and murdered an Israeli teenager in 2001. Fatah called her 'O glorious one' and declared that she 'is always present in our hearts.' Obama pretended it never happened—after all, how can he admit that his Palestinian allies celebrate murderers?"

Arutz Sheva - Mar. 26, 2015
“PMW has documented how the PA's education system is an incubator of anti-Semitic hatred and incitement to murder Jews.”

Current Activities

Presentations around the world
PMW continuously presents its findings to audiences around the world and in Israel. See some of the upcoming PMW presentations:
Nov. 18, 2008

What They’re Saying About Us
Senator Hillary Clinton and PMW in joint press conference introducing report on Palestinian schoolbooks
"It is my privilege once again to join Palestinian Media Watch … Itamar Marcus, who has been a steadfast leader, has helped to deliver this message which we repeat again today... Hate has no place in the curriculum of schools, and the glorification of violence has no place in the education of children…”
Feb. 8, 2007
Senator Sam Brownback, (Rep.):
"The violence and hatred being promoted to children by the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks is made dismayingly clear by PMW's invaluable report..."
Mar. 1, 2007
Canada's Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney:
“Kenney said [in his speech that] he once shared the view that ‘Israel is a bully in the Middle East’ … But his worldview changed dramatically after viewing a one-hour presentation by Palestinian Media Watch. It was ‘an eye-opener.’” [Canadian Jewish News]
Sept. 17, 2009
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, (Likud):
"Education is the key to peace... This (PMW) study exposes this culture of hate and thereby helps to correct it."
Mar. 20, 2007
MP Michael Melchior, Knesset Education Committee Chairman, (Labor):
"Anybody who is for peace has to outraged by these (PMW) findings....You can't have agreements while this kind of hatred is inculcated in the children."
Mar. 20, 2007

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