Internal Palestinian issues
There are many internal issues concerning Palestinian society that are not related to Israel. This section will track these subjects and update them regularly.
Fatah-Hamas relations
For many years, the Hamas movement was on Western democracies' lists of illegal terror organizations. In January 2006, Hamas ran as a political party in the Palestinian Authority elections and won 56% of the seats in the PA Parliament. This created political instability, since the new Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, was from Hamas, while Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was from Fatah.

In June 2007, Hamas defeated Fatah in a civil war in Gaza. Since then, Hamas has ruled in Gaza, while Fatah continues to rule in the West Bank. The mutual hatred is very deep, and this animosity has become the dominant issue in Palestinian society. In nearly all polls, Palestinians cite lack of unity as their number one concern.

While the people call for unity, the political leaders continue to accuse each other of corruption, criminal activities and even atrocities. In Gaza, Hamas has arrested and even tortured many Fatah operatives, and in areas under PA control, Fatah has been arresting Hamas members. Interestingly, the PA/Fatah's arrests of Hamas members have been mistakenly interpreted as a sign that the Palestinian Authority is fighting Palestinian terror on behalf of Israel. In fact, even a cursory understanding of Palestinian society shows that political hatred is the driving force behind the arrests.

This section will continuously update this issue -- the most central concern of Palestinian society at the moment.