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As the most prominent religious figure on official Palestinian Authority TV in the last years of Yasser Arafat, Ibrahim Mudayris is a very important PA religious figure. His official title was “Head of the association for learning Quran by heart.” More significantly, he was chosen by the political and religious establishment to deliver most of the official PA TV Friday sermons from 2003 to 2005, making him the public voice of the PA’s religious ideology.

The religious ideology he expressed in the name of the Palestinian Authority included the following concepts:

- Israel will be destroyed in stages: Through diplomacy, Israel would be brought to the 1967 borders, and from that position Israel would be destroyed in war.
- The extermination of all Jews by Muslims is predetermined and is necessary for the “Hour” of Islamic Resurrection.
- All the non-Jewish world will be subjugated under Islam. But Jews will be exterminated, since they refuse subjugation.
- The Jews are the cause of all the world’s problems, from wars to natural disasters, such as the 2004 Tsunami.
- The persecutions and Antisemitism that Jews suffered in country after country throughout history were acts of self-defense against the Jews by the nations , and proof of the Jews’ evil nature.

After PMW translated and disseminated a May 2005 sermon in which he preached that the entire world was to be subjugated under Islam -- except for the Jews, who would be exterminated -- there was an international media condemnation. Foreign governments put pressure on the PA, and Mudayris stopped giving PA TV sermons.