Violence and terror
After demonizing Jews and Israelis, including citing Islamic sources that depict Jews negatively, and culminating with ongoing lies and libels that portray Jews as an immediate threat to Palestinian life and existence, the Palestinian Authority foment violence against Jews and Israelis, presenting it as legitimate and even heroic self-defense.

PA terror promotion takes many forms. Nationalistically, the PA actively elevates violence as a valid and heroic means to achieve political goals, while religiously, fighting and killing Jews has been presented repeatedly by PA religious and academic leaders as Allah’s will. On the social level, Palestinian leaders and society honor even the most loathsome of murderers portraying them as heroes and role models: Dalal Mughrabi, who led a bus hijacking in which 37 were killed, has schools, summer camps, and many other events and places baring her name to immortalize and glorify her and her terror attack.
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The success of the PA’s promotion of violence is readily evident: A majority of Palestinians support killing and suicide terror against civilian Jews and Israelis. A poll conducted after the murder of eight teenagers who were studying in a Jerusalem high school in 2008, found that 84% of Palestinians supported the murder [NY Times, March 19, 2008, citing the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research].

This violent image of a dagger being thrust into the Star of David has appeared hundreds of times in a video clip for children on PA TV, from 2001 – 2008.

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Rifle veneration
One expression of Palestinian Authority support for violence is veneration of the rifle. Both in visual and verbal expression, the PA reveres the rifle as a Palestinian symbol as it vows to continue the “armed struggle” against Israel until achieving all its goals. Numerous music videos broadcast on PA TV revolve around the theme of the rifle. In this video, the rifle is presented as “a brother” that will never be “thrown down”:

[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 4, 2012]

Music videos broadcast on PA TV not only glorify the rifle through song lyrics, but also through dance. This music video, broadcast at a PLO cultural festival, features dancers carrying rifles who sing: “There is no force in the world that can remove the weapon from my hand... He who offers his blood doesn’t care if his blood flows upon the ground... My weapon has emerged.”

[PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 7, 2011] 

This section documents that “the rifle” and glorifying violence is central to PA discourse. Songs at Palestinian cultural events and broadcast on PA TV call for the “liberation of Palestine” and destruction of Israel through violence. The PA’s assurances expressed in international forums that it has abandoned violence and does not seek Israel’s destruction do not correspond to the messages expressed internally. To the world, the PA leaders say they have given up violence and terror. Among Palestinians, violence, symbolized by “the rifle,” continues to be embraced as a Palestinian ideal.

Child sings on PA radio: Israelis are “wolves… [With] the fire of my rifle I will break the [prison] cage" 
Source: Official PA radio station The Voice of Palestine, Apr. 29, 2017

The Voice of Palestine
, the official PA radio station, children's program The Little Ones' Heaven, a song honoring the hunger striking prisoners is sung by a child who calls in to the program.

Child: "Our beautiful land is a prisoner in a cage surrounded by wolves,
My shaded garden was destroyed by the lumberjack and the dogs settled in it,
O Jerusalem, my city,
[With] my notebook, my pencil, and the fire of my rifle I will break the cage."
The Voice of Palestine host: “Excellent."
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The song was in honor of the hunger-striking prisoners (April-May 2017): Palestinian terrorist prisoners launched a hunger strike on April 17, 2017, which ended on May 27, 2017, after an agreement was reached. While the prisoners had issued a list of demands, reportedly only the demand to have the Red Cross reinstate a second monthly family visit for prisoners was agreed to. Nevertheless, the PA has claimed the development as a victory.