Head of PA Jerusalem council: Embassy move is support for "Judaization" of Jerusalem, will lead to "religious war"
Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Jan. 12, 2017

     "Secretary-General of the [PA] Islamic-Christian Council [for Jerusalem and the Holy Places, Fatah Revolutionary Council member,] and professor of international law Hanna Issa thinks that the American proposal to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem is 'settlement in a new guise and support for the violations and new steps of Judaization that the occupation authorities are committing in the holy city [of Jerusalem].'
He emphasized that this step will have disastrous consequences for the peace process, the two-state option, and the security and stability of the region, and will lead it into a religious war…
Issa emphasized that the Palestinian response will be the revoking of the recognition of Israel as a step of resistance by the PA and the PLO to the illegal decision to transfer the embassy."
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