Schoolbook: Rush to a Martyr's death
Our Beautiful Language for 6th grade - Jan. 1, 2010

PA schoolbook:
The Shahid (The Martyr)
“I shall carry my soul in my palm and toss it into the abyss of destruction...
And then, either life, gladdening friends, or death, enraging the enemies.
By your life! I see my death, but I hasten my steps towards it...
By your life! This is the death of men.
And who asks for a noble death - here it is…”

Our Beautiful Language for 6th grade, section 1, p. 47;
Our Beautiful Language for 7th grade, section 1, p. 81
Note: These schoolbooks have been in use since 2006. The poem still appears inthe 7th grade schoolbook (as of October 2013), but no longer appears in the 6th grade schoolbook.