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PA Antisemitism: Jews persecuted, deceived, and attacked Jesus
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PA Antisemitism: 
Jews persecuted, deceived, and attacked Jesus

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Antisemitism is an integral part of PA ideology. PA anti-Jewish hate speech includes demonizing Jews as enemies of Allah, descendants of apes and pigs, representing satans and devils, and being an evil force in all countries where Jews have lived. To see PMW's report on PA Antisemitism in 2015 click here

In addition, the PA maligns Jews as the killers of Jesus. In an interview this week on official PA TV, the PA Mufti of Bethlehem defamed Jews as "the group who persecuted, deceived and attacked Jesus," stating that the group is doing the same things to Palestinians today:

Mufti of Bethlehem Abd Al-Majid Amraneh: 
"Here in Bethlehem and Palestine, we are still suffering from the agony of those days, as almost the same group [Jews] that persecuted Jesus, the same group that wanted to deceive Jesus and attack him, is still attacking Palestine, Palestine's people, and Palestine's young men and women."
[Official PA TV, May 2, 2016]