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PA TV criticizes Palestinian newspaper for using term “Wailing Wall” and not "Al-Buraq Wall" - as instructed by PA Ministry of Information
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PA TV criticizes newspaper for using term "Wailing Wall"
and not "Al-Buraq Wall"
-  as instructed by PA Ministry of Information

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Information issued a book instructing Palestinians which words to use to instead of "the Israeli and American dissemination of poisoned terms." In 2012, Palestinian Media Watch exposed this guide and the terms the ministry instructs Palestinians to use.
Among the "Israeli and American poisoned terms" that should be rejected are these terms relating to Jewish history and tradition:
Israeli - American term
Palestinian Arab term
Star of David
Six-pointed star
Wailing (Western) Wall
Al-Buraq Wall
Temple Mount
Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem
The Promised Land
The Land of Palestine
Judea and Samaria (Biblical terms)
The occupied West Bank
[, accessed June 18, 2012]
Recently, a host on a PA TV program criticized a Palestinian daily that did not follow these guidelines. The paper had used the term "the Wailing Wall" instead of the term "the Al-Buraq Wall" recommended by the PA Ministry of Information, and which Palestinians and Muslims in general use.
Official PA TV host: "[The Palestinian daily] Al-Ayyam from this morning: 'The Israeli Ministry of Transportation announced it yesterday. The project for extending the high-speed Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train line up to the Al-Buraq Wall (i.e., the Western Wall) in the Old City of Jerusalem, has entered the stage of a feasibility study.' I don't know how Al-Ayyam can write 'Wailing Wall' on its front page, and not even put quotation marks."
[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, Jan. 26, 2017]

Objecting to the term "the Wailing Wall," the TV host complained that the newspaper Al-Ayyam had not even put the term in quotation marks - something that would indicate the PA's rejection of the term and reiterate the PA's denial of the fact that the Western Wall is part of the Jewish Temple which once stood on the Temple Mount.
Other terms the PA Ministry of Information labeled as "poisoned" are for example:

Israeli - American term
Palestinian Arab term
Suicide bombing
Martyrdom-seeking operation
Person who was killed
Click to see full list of "poisoned Israeli-American" terms the PA Ministry of Information rejects.