Chairman of Palestinian Bar Association defines “Palestine” as “from the river to the sea” (i.e., replacing all of Israel)
Official Palestinian Authority TV - July 8, 2013

PA TV program A Personal Encounter interviewed Chairman of the EU-funded Palestinian Bar Association, Hussein Shabaneh.
Chairman of the Palestinian Bar Association, Hussein Shabaneh: “This occupation must disappear. It is bound to disappear. Because it isn't based on any legitimacy, law or sanction. This occupation relied on force... We all hope that Palestine and Jerusalem are still in the Palestinian child’s mind and heart. We don’t distinguish between all of Palestine. In the Bar Association we say: "From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea." (i.e., "Palestine" replaces Israel) We don’t recognize Israel's existence at all. They don’t recognize a Palestinian state [with] 1967 [borders]... The occupation toys with dividing and fragmenting states and fragmenting the [internal] Palestinian situation, - as we can see in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen - (i.e., Arab countries in turmoil) this is all a Zionist Israeli policy to prevent confrontation with the occupation.”
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Note: The website of the Palestinian Bar Association states that it is funded by the EU (Accessed on June 2014)