Israel is a "foreign body," planted in "an attempt to make the region disintegrate"
The Voice of Palestine, official PA radio station - Sept. 2, 2013

The official PA radio station, The Voice of Palestine, hosted Wasef Erekat, a retired senior military officer of the PLO and now a Palestinian military analyst.
Erekat: "When Nahum Goldmann (founder of the World Jewish Congress) came to the region with the colonialist foreign ministers, what did they say about the region? They said that there are two nations there, Arab and Islamic, and if these two nations unite, the region will be closed to us forever. And so, we suggest to implant a foreign body in the region so that it will prevent their unification, and [we suggest] to work diligently towards dismembering them and dividing them, dismembering and dividing them black from white, Christian from Muslim, Persian from Arab – anything that can divide [people] into two – they wanted it. However, now I think that there is an awakening [in the Arab world], and the rifts will not go back to being what they were in the past –"
VOP interviewer Nawaf: "This concept has been around since the seventeenth century, approximately, not from now. And this is an ongoing attempt to make the region disintegrate … the same concept and the same method –"
Erekat: "Of course, and they implemented it fully. But we can’t prevent that, unfortunately."