PA TV video denies Israel's right to exist
Official Palestinian Authority TV - May 7, 2010

Palestinian narrator on PA TV program about refugee camps:
     "I am [a Palestinian] from Jaffa, I'm from Haifa, I'm from Acre, I'm from Nazareth, I'm from Gimzu, I'm from Zakariya, I'm from Ein Kerem (West Jerusalem) (i.e., all places in Israel). Where are you [Israelis] from? Where are you from? Where are you from? Of course, you're from Ukraine; of course, you're from Germany, from Poland, from Russia, from Ethiopia, the Falasha (i.e., a pejorative for Ethiopian Jews). Why have you stolen my homeland and taken my place? Please, I ask of you, return to your original homeland, so that I can return to my original homeland. This is my homeland; go back to your homeland."
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Note: This video appeared on May 4 and 7, 2010.