Archbishop rejects normal relations, including sports with Israel
Official Palestinian Authority TV - Jan. 15, 2012

PA TV youth program Speak Up
As part of discussion on normalization, a recording of Archbishop Atallah Hanna is broadcast:
     Hanna: "Normalization – it's impossible for us to agree to it. We cannot accept normalization, in the sense that everything is normal, while our people is being killed every day and oppressed every day. Therefore, I am among those who call for boycott of the occupation through all means... If we treat the occupation in a normal manner, it's as though we recognize its existence, its policy, and its actions, while its existence is illegal and illegitimate, and its actions are illegal, illegitimate, and inhuman… We can boycott the occupation culturally; we can boycott the occupation politically, we can boycott the occupation in the realm of sports. There are many means through which we can boycott the occupation."