Host introduces Israeli-Arab as being from “occupied Palestine of 1948,” on PA TV
Official Palestinian Authority TV - Jan. 9, 2011

[Israeli Arab] member of Israeli Parliament Ahmed Tibi is introduced by the ceremony host with the words, "A message from our people in occupied Palestine of 1948."
     Tibi: "My brothers in the Palestinian leadership – I have come to you from the other half of the orange (i.e., meaning, Israel, from the other side of the Green Line), in order to bow my head before the memory of the Martyrs (Shahids) and the families of the Martyrs…
In the history of nations and their struggles, the Martyr is the pinnacle of glory. There is no value more exalted than Shahada (Martyrdom death for Allah). It is the Martyr who blazes the path and marks with his blood the road to freedom and liberation. The Martyr is the symbol of the homeland… Greetings to the thousands of Martyrs in the homeland and elsewhere, and greetings to our Martyrs and yours, within the Green Line – those whom the occupation would want to be referred to as terrorists, but we say that there is nothing more exalted than those who have died for the sake of the homeland."