Instead of "Israel" say "the Israeli colonialist occupation" - on PA TV
Official Palestinian Authority TV - Sept. 8, 2011

PA TV program Media Cafe with discussion about use of terminology that serves the Palestinian people. PA TV host to guest, writer and journalist Professor Muhannad Abd Al-Hmeid: 
     Host: "Let's look at some terms, which in most cases, journalists mistakenly use in their reports and articles."
[List of 'wrong' terms with the 'correct' forms that should be used is shown on screen:]
[Wrong term:] "Negotiations are the only way" -- [correct term:] "Negotiations are one of the ways"
[Wrong term:] "Israel" -- [correct term:] "the Israeli colonialist occupation"
[Wrong term:] "the Nakba" -- [correct term:] "ethnic cleansing"
[Wrong term:] "settlements" -- [correct term:] "colonies"
[Wrong term:] "terror" -- [correct term:] "resistance"
[Wrong term:] "separation fence" -- [correct term:] "racist separation wall"
[Wrong term:] "casualties" -- [correct term:] "Martyrs" (Shahids)
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Note: This was originally broadcast on June 16, 2011.