PA daily refers to Israel as “the Interior”
Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - May 1, 2013

Article by Ibrahim Abu Kamesh:
     “In his speech, President Mahmoud Abbas ‘Abu Mazen’ saluted our workers in the Interior (i.e., Israel) and in the diaspora in honor of May 1, International Workers’ Day… The speech was given in his [Abbas’] name by his representative, [PLO] Executive Committee member and head of NGO [affairs] in the PLO, Mahmoud Ismail ‘Abu Ismail,’ at the main rally organized yesterday [May 1, 2013] by the Palestinian General Workers’ Union… under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas ‘Abu Mazen’ in Ramallah and El-Bireh to commemorate May 1…
Abu Ismail said about the political issue: ‘What’s happening today in the region under the slogan of ‘The Arab Spring,’ which was hijacked and has become the Arab destruction… is the continued dismantling of the region so that it will remain helpless and weak-willed so that Israel will remain the only one with importance in it [the region].”