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Israeli Channel 10 lauds PMW: PMW on the front lines on behalf of the whole country
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Israeli TV channel 10 did an in depth story on PMW and its importance internationally. The following is the transcript of the Israeli TV news.

Israeli TV host: “The internet plays an important role maybe the most critical, in the political information war. Our most effective weapon is actually broadcasts from the other side: The incitement on PA TV. The people who monitor these broadcasts, 24 hours a day, upload to the web, translate to different languages, and send to the whole world so everyone can see what’s happening – it's a completely private organization called Palestinian Media Watch. Our reporter accompanied the people who put themselves on the front lines of the information war on behalf of the whole country – mostly because they feel no one else is doing this.”

PA TV clip:
PA TV host to child: “Let's see the little child [of prisoner Qussai].
Do they bother you, the Israeli army, the soldiers there [during visits to prison]?”
Child nods in agreement.
PA TV host: They're wild animals, right? Aren’t they wild animals?”
Israeli TV reporter: “The Internet has become a lively arena of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

PA TV clip:
PA TV host: “Who put him in prison?”
Prisoner’s son: “The Jews.”
PA TV host: “The Jews are our enemies, right?”
Child nods in agreement.

Israeli TV reporter: “And while most of us merely complain about the bad Israeli PR, there are those who fight back with full force.”

PMW director, Itamar Marcus, to PMW translator: “What did you find?”
PMW translator: “I found a video [glorifying] the terror attack of Dalal Mughrabi.” [note - in which 37 civilians were killed]

PA TV clip:
Palestinian singer: “The coast was stormy with the glory of Dalal Mughrabi. On the [Israeli] coast the heroes landed.”
PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “This video glorifies the terror attack by Dalal Mughrabi. They came from Lebanon by boat, and murdered 37 Israelis. This video [showing a reenactment with boats at sea] glorifies her and the terror attack.”

Israeli TV reporter: “The research institute Palestinian Media Watch spends all its time, from morning until night, watching and finding problems in the Palestinian media. The organization is highly regarded in Israel:”

PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “The important political conclusions that arise from our findings go beyond the realm of public relations.”

Israeli TV reporter: …and [highly regarded] overseas:”

PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “For years we have been in ongoing contact with the US leadership. We have significant impact in Europe as well.”

Israeli TV reporter: “Now it turns out that even the Palestinian media can no longer ignore their work.

PA TV clip:
PA TV narrator: “The main Israeli source which monitors this is PMW's website that monitors everything large and small in the Palestinian media.”
PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “There is one thing we’re trying to promote, and that is peace education.”

Israeli TV reporter: “If you want to know a little more about the way Palestinians talk among themselves…:”

Israeli TV reporter asks PMW translator: “Do Israelis have any idea what’s going on there?”
PMW translator: “Not at all. No.”

Israeli TV reporter: “You can look at their new website in Hebrew and discover the material which many of us, it would seem, would never even have heard about.”

PA TV clip:
PA TV host: “Please name five Palestinian cities.”
Contestant: “Safed, Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Nablus, Lod, Ramle...” (6 of 7 are Israeli cities)
PA TV host: “You win $100 from the Palestine Investment Fund.”
[Israeli TV Channel 10, Feb. 9, 2011]