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Final moments as Hamas TV receives Israel`s warning to evacuate before TV station destroyed
WAFA - official PA news agency: "Israeli planes fired three missile alerts, before F16 planes targeted with at least three missiles the Al-Quds TV headquarters, destroying it completely... No injuries were reported." (Nov. 12, 2018)

(Boom of Israel's 1st warning is heard)
Expert on security and military affairs Rafiq Abu Hani: "The Palestinian resistance’s capability is clear in the Gaza Strip... (Two more booms are heard) In other words, this provides us with the difference between the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip...”
Al-Aqsa TV host: "Apparently there are certain events, developments on the ground.
(Shouting heard in the background) Apparently there is a new Zionist attack against the Gaza Strip. I don’t know - I’m waiting for a signal from the editing room and from the control room – if there are any developments, they should notify us right now. In general, I thank my guests here. And also one last word: The last word is always the word of the Palestinian resistance. Many greetings to these young people who always cared to defend our people."

The screen freezes for a minute before going black. Screen stayed black for seven minutes.
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) Nov. 12, 2018 (1 min)


Final moments as Hamas TV receives Israel`s warning to evacuate before TV station destroyed
Nov. 12, 2018
“Death to Israel” - song on Hamas TV
Nov. 12, 2018 (1min)
Palestinian women earn less than 500 NIS/month, campaign for equal rights launched by trade unions
Nov. 3, 2018 (1min)
“[Europe] was sick of the behavior of the Jews and planned to get rid of them” - PA Minister of Education posts video explaining Balfour Declaration
Nov. 2, 2018 (1min)
Song on PA TV to Britain: “We will erase the memory of the Balfour Declaration;” "We are rooted in this land from the days of the Canaanites"
Nov. 1, 2018 (1min)
Girl’s poem on PA TV: “To war that will… crush the Zionist’s soul”
Nov. 1, 2018 (1min)
Girl shows website she created to promote boycott of Israeli products
Nov. 1, 2018 (1min)
Boy on PA TV sings song that misrepresents Israeli cities as “Palestinian”
Nov. 1, 2018 (1min)
Girl in poem on PA TV: "A Zionist stole the land of Palestine,” TV host: “Soon, Allah willing, we will return to our land”
Nov. 1, 2018 (1min)
PA TV: PLO emphasized the adherence to the “right to resist the occupation by all means” – which includes violence and terror
Oct. 30, 2018 (1min)
PA TV portrays Israel as foreign colonial occupier, claims ancient Jewish history is Palestinian
Oct. 30, 2018 (2min)
PA TV sermon: Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews for their evil behavior
Oct. 19, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ deputy praises released murderer: "Our prisoners are a laurel wreath on the forehead of the homeland"
Oct. 18, 2018 (1min)
Antisemitic preacher on PA TV: Jews “dance and live on the body parts of others… There is no global corruption that they are not behind”
Oct. 5, 2018 (1min)
PA TV: Israel steals the Palestinian heritage, including the falafel and hummus
Oct. 3, 2018 (1min)
Fatah official mocks Israel's defenses against terror and encourages killers: “May Allah grant them success”
Oct. 3, 2018 (1min)
PA TV lies, claims “Palestinian antiquities” at Judean fortress of Herodium
Sept. 19, 2018 (1min)
Prisoner smuggled sperm out of prison, wife gave birth to twins
Sept. 16, 2018 (1min)
Prisoner smuggled sperm out of prison, PA TV visits his son
Sept. 16, 2018 (1min)
Palestinian university president's falsification: Jerusalem “is not connected at all to the Jewish religion”
Sept. 15, 2018 (1min)
Song on official PA radio congratulates mothers on Martyrdom-death of their sons
Sept. 15, 2018 (1min)
“The great dream of Palestinians is to liberate Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea,” says head of Palestinian university
Sept. 13, 2018 (1min)
Fatah lauds Munich Olympics massacre: “Black September stunned the world and made it hold its breath for more than 12 hours”
Sept. 5, 2018 (1min)
Fatah TV host anticipates taking Israelis hostage to “release our captives”
Sept. 4, 2018 (1min)
Rajoub: PMW's director is "the Goebbels of the 21st century"
Sept. 3, 2018 (1min)
PA: FIFA suspended Rajoub because of “claims by… Palestinian Media Watch”
Sept. 1, 2018 (1min)
Hamas fighters torture 13-year-old Palestinian boy, because of children’s quarrel
Aug. 22, 2018 (1min)
Official PA media is not free and is part of the "struggle"
Aug. 5, 2018 (1min)
Director of PLO Prisoners’ Commission: Prisoners' “rights” (i.e., salaries) will continue
Aug. 5, 2018 (1min)
New PLO commissioner reiterates Abbas’ promise that last penny will go to the families of “Martyrs”
Aug. 4, 2018 (1min)
Song, dance, and parties - prison life of released teen prisoner Ahed Tamimi
Aug. 1, 2018 (1min)
Fatah libel: Israel destroys the Al-Aqsa Mosque, “it is a completely Islamic site to which the Jews have no right”
July 26, 2018 (1min)
Abbas vows continued payments to terrorist prisoners who are “stars in the sky” and have “priority in everything”
July 24, 2018 (1min)
“More than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are registered in the Palestinian universities for a bachelor’s degree,” says PLO official
July 23, 2018 (1min)
Israel digs under the Al-Aqsa Mosque like “rats burrow under the ground only for evil and destruction” says Palestinian cleric
July 23, 2018 (1min)
Palestinian teen who called for suicide bombings likened to female terrorist murderers in PA TV music video
July 21, 2018 (1min)
“The US partners with Israel in an act of terror against the Palestinian people,” says PA official
July 19, 2018 (1min)
Palestinians hang and burn effigy of Pres. Trump
July 17, 2018 (1min)
Israel has a special way of bruising Palestinians that cameras can’t reveal, says Fatah official
July 10, 2018 (1min)
Song on PA TV encourages Palestinians to die as “Martyrs” for Bedouin village: “Every day a Martyr is born, We will die and redeem Khan Al-Ahmar, In spite of you, O snake”
July 9, 2018 (1min)
PA TV hits back at PMW: “An extremist Zionist NGO with teams that work around the clock… [and] runs propaganda campaigns against the Palestinian leadership”
July 9, 2018 (1min)
Abbas vows the PA will continue paying salaries to prisoners
July 8, 2018 (1min)
PLO official: Prisoners had a “right” to kill – a “right to resist the occupation”; paying them is "sacred"
July 3, 2018 (1min)
PA leader Nabil Shaath: Australia is “worthy of being spat on”
July 3, 2018 (1min)
Senior PLO official: Killing Israelis is not “terror”; it’s not “criminal”- it’s “legitimate”
July 3, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ deputy to Americans: “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid"
July 2, 2018 (1min)
PA libel: Israel tries to “murder us with spoiled products”
June 30, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ advisor: Islam’s religious war to destroy Israel has started, Israel is the "culture of Satan"
June 30, 2018 (1min)
PLO official vows to continue terrorist salaries
June 27, 2018 (1min)
“Palestine is etched on the heart of the fetus, a proud Martyr in his mother’s womb” - song on PA TV
June 26, 2018 (1min)
Official PA TV: Mother of 6 terrorists is “role model for every Palestinian woman”; PA official: “We draw our determination and our strength [from her]"
June 18, 2018 (1min)
Proud parents about terrorist son who recruited suicide bombers: “He is imprisoned for an action that honors us, and not for anything else”
June 17, 2018 (1min)
PA TV honors as “heroic” 3 terrorists who participated in brutal murder of 2 Israeli soldiers in lynch in 2000
June 16, 2018 (1min)
PA official admits there`s no "proof" Arafat was murdered by poisoning despite PA claims Israel poisoned him
June 7, 2018 (1min)
Rudy Giuliani: The PA is a “murder machine” and “not entitled to be a state”
June 6, 2018 (1min)
PA TV quiz erases Israel: “Palestine’s” border with Jordan is 360 km., with Syria 76 km., with Lebanon 79 km. Correct answers win $50
June 6, 2018 (1min)
“A thousand blessings to the souls of our heroic Martyrs who water the land of Palestine with their blood every day” - PA TV praises Martyrdom-death for “Palestine”
June 5, 2018 (1min)
Rajoub condemns Israel-Argentina match in Jerusalem: We’ll target Messi. Burn your Messi shirts, he shouldn’t “beautify the fascist occupation's image”
June 3, 2018 (1min)
PA TV quiz denies Israel's existence: The Negev Desert, Mount Meron, Caesarea, Safed, and the Hula Lake are “Palestinian”
June 2, 2018 (1min)
Pay To Slay - Palestinian Authority Salaries to Terrorists
May 23, 2018 (1min)
“Palestine is etched on the heart of the fetus, a proud Martyr in his mother’s womb” - song on Fatah-run TV
May 15, 2018 (1min)
Lebanese cleric: Greetings to Palestinians who “throw blessed rocks at the Zionist snake… Land is waqf land from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River”
May 14, 2018 (1min)
Fatah spokesman: Israel is worse than Hitler, the Nazis, and fascism
May 14, 2018 (1min)
US and Israel will drown in the ocean, because "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine" – animation by Abbas’ Fatah
May 14, 2018 (1min)
Senior Hamas leader: Riots at Gaza border are win-win for Palestinians. If rioters cross borders, Israel is embarrassed, if Israel murders rioters, Israel is exposed to the world
May 14, 2018 (1min)
PA TV teaches kids to stay refugees: "From generation to generation, there is no alternative to the return"
May 10, 2018 (1min)
Abbas in Antisemitic speech claims Jews' "social role that was connected to usury, and banks" caused Antisemitism, Holocaust; claims some Jews are descended from Khazars; denies Jewish connection to Israel
Apr. 30, 2018 (1min)
Abbas honors mother of 5 terrorists, including 2 murderers; Fatah official: "A precious, mighty, and beloved woman… We consider her children entrusted to us"
Apr. 25, 2018 (1min)
PA TV encourages death for “Palestine,” quotes arch-terrorist Abu Jihad: “With our skulls we are paving the path to certain victory and return"
Apr. 20, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ advisor demonizes Judaism, claims Jews "prophesize" the Messiah will “kill everyone who is not a Jew”
Apr. 20, 2018 (1min)
“The Zionist Jews are occupying us with the power of weapons, [and] the US with the power of money,” says Fatah official
Apr. 19, 2018 (1min)
PA names plaza after murderer Maher Younes; PA officials: “We’re proud of this great man"
Apr. 17, 2018 (1min)
Fatah deputy chairman: Prisoners are "heroes and fighters." We will pay them “even if we’re only left with a few pennies"
Apr. 16, 2018 (1min)
Terrorist who planned attacks in which 125 were murdered was “a battleship,” “great” and “fearless,” says Fatah official
Apr. 16, 2018 (1min)
PA TV praises terrorist Abu Jihad in whose “prominent operations” 125 were murdered
Apr. 16, 2018 (1min)
“A soul that still dwells in our hearts” - PA TV praises arch-terrorist Abu Jihad who planned murder of 125
Apr. 16, 2018 (1min)
Fatah spokesman repeats libel: Israel wants to “crush” the Arab world, “steal its resources”
Apr. 15, 2018 (1min)
We’ll take Jerusalem “if not peacefully then by force… Allah, drive out the Jews” - PA TV preacher
Apr. 13, 2018 (1min)
Holocaust “was a lie,” “the Jews conspired with Hitler to create a gate to Palestine to bring the settlers,” says Palestinian political analyst
Apr. 10, 2018 (1min)
"Israel is a heretic gang, and it will end," says Palestinian political analyst
Apr. 10, 2018 (1min)
Hamas is sending civilians to die for media coverage, says Abbas' advisor
Apr. 6, 2018 (1min)
Official PA TV: Israel doesn’t exist, only “Palestine,” which borders Egypt, Syria, and Jordan
Mar. 24, 2018 (1min)
“We decorated [the land] with Martyrs, souls, and blood” – song on official PA radio lauds death for “Palestine”
Mar. 20, 2018 (1min)
Israel will come to an end – “the grave has been dug for the occupation” – song on official PA radio
Mar. 20, 2018 (1min)
“We are coming, Jerusalem, the time of death has arrived” - song on official PA radio encourages death for “Palestine”
Mar. 19, 2018 (1min)
Abbas: US Ambassador to Israel is "son of a bitch"
Mar. 19, 2018 (1min)
PA uses murderer of 3 as role model to encourage reading
Mar. 18, 2018 (1min)
Terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi represents "Palestinian heroism," says official PA TV narrator
Mar. 12, 2018 (1min)
“Women can die in a more spectacular way than men die” - Fatah celebrates terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi
Mar. 11, 2018 (1min)
“Fatah will bring back armed struggle” unless international peace conference is held, says Palestinian political analyst
Mar. 9, 2018 (1min)
PA official about terrorists: They are “more honorable than all of us… We bow before them”
Mar. 6, 2018 (1min)
Murder of 11 at Savoy hotel was “greatest and most wonderful quality operation,” murderers “heroic,” says Fatah in video and Facebook post
Mar. 6, 2018 (1min)
“Israel murdered Arafat with poison in 2004” – PA TV narrator repeats libel
Mar. 2, 2018 (1min)
“Greetings and love” to “heroic” murderer of soldier from PA TV host; Son of murderer: “I love to talk about his acts of heroism, he is a symbol and a hero”
Mar. 1, 2018 (1min)
Two-faced Rajoub who prohibits sports with Israel: “Sports can be… a bridge to making peace” but not with “our enemy [Israel], which doesn’t want us to engage in sports”
Feb. 27, 2018 (1min)
“It's our… moral obligation” to pay terrorist salaries, says director of PLO Commission of Prisoners. “We’re proud of this”
Feb. 26, 2018 (1min)
Trump is leading a war against the Arab and Islamic nation; US and Israel are the only enemies, says Fatah official
Feb. 25, 2018 (1min)
Trump is "fascist, Nazi, and a lunatic,” says Fatah official
Feb. 25, 2018 (1min)
After Israel transferred body of terrorist, PA plants trees to commemorate him and "emphasize loyalty to Martyrs’ souls"
Feb. 24, 2018 (1min)
PA TV song states Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, Nazareth and more are Palestinian
Feb. 21, 2018 (1min)
“Our souls are the sacrifice for Jerusalem… we will defend you… we are not afraid of death” - song on official PA radio encourages Martyrdom
Feb. 21, 2018 (1min)
Fatah celebrates funerals of "heroic Martyrs" after terrorists’ bodies transferred by Israel to the PA
Feb. 17, 2018 (1min)
Parents celebrate terrorist son’s “Martyrdom” as “wedding”
Feb. 17, 2018 (1min)
Fatah video: Murder of 10 was “one of the most famous operations”
Feb. 10, 2018 (1min)
PA TV host repeats libel: Israel “murders, imprisons, and tortures” Palestinian children, PLO official confirms libel agrees: Israel “executes” children
Feb. 9, 2018 (1min)
UK MPs repeatedly use PMW material documenting the PA inciting kids to hatred and violence
Feb. 7, 2018 (1min)
Fatah official: Due to its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, US is full "partner in the daily spilling of Palestinian blood"
Feb. 6, 2018 (1min)
“Palestine is etched on the heart of the fetus, a proud Martyr in his mother’s womb” - song on official PA radio
Feb. 3, 2018 (1min)
Fatah glorifies terrorist who led murder of 37, claims she only killed "soldiers"
Jan. 31, 2018 (1min)
Why aren`t Palestinian children taught the truth about Arab refugees in 1948?
Jan. 20, 2018 (1min)
PA TV teaches kids to “follow the example” of arch-terrorist Abu Jihad who is a "symbol"
Jan. 20, 2018 (1min)
PA TV music video promotes death as a Martyr for Al-Aqsa, encourages suicide bombings: “God, grant us Martyrdom… A million grooms and brides… have written the marriage contract in blood”
Jan. 20, 2018 (1min)
PA TV reuses song from 2000 calling for terror: "Draw your sword... let it not return"
Jan. 17, 2018 (1min)
Abbas curses Trump: “May your house be destroyed”
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas attacks US Ambassadors David Friedman and Nikki Haley
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas: The PA must cut relations with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel`s capital
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas: The US “committed a crime” when it declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas vows the PA won't stop paying terrorist salaries
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas repeats libel: “Israel is exporting drugs to the Palestinians in frightening amounts”
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas: Israel "is a colonialist project that has no connection to Judaism... The Jews were used as pawns"
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Abbas: Europeans “wanted to get rid of the Jews to benefit from them in our land”
Jan. 14, 2018 (1min)
Official PA TV hosts mock US President Trump: Is a man of this mentality capable of determining the fate of the world… or of Jerusalem?
Jan. 8, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ advisor: “This nation will awaken and uproot the evil from its land”
Jan. 5, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ advisor mocks US aid: “What idiocy has taken control of your minds to delude you that Jerusalem is for sale”
Jan. 5, 2018 (1min)
Abbas’ advisor mocks the US: World said no to US “oppression and arrogance,” “world not for sale”
Jan. 5, 2018 (1min)
PA TV and radio rebroadcast Abbas' 2014 call for violence for the Al-Aqsa Mosque 41 times following US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Jan. 2, 2018 (1min)
Fatah official emphasizes Fatah "has never recognized Israel"
Jan. 1, 2018 (1min)
PA radio host: Israel is “cancerous entity… everyone knows [the Jews] have no right to this land”
Jan. 1, 2018 (1min)
Terrorist who led murder of 37 is “heroic,” “a role model” for female students, says coordinator of Fatah’s university committee for women
Jan. 1, 2018 (1min)
Song on official PA radio encourages Martyrdom: “Jerusalem… redeem it with your life and blood”
Jan. 1, 2018 (1min)
Fatah official includes all of Israel in “Palestine,” says “all of the Palestinian land” is “between the [Jordan] River and the [Mediterranean] Sea”
Jan. 1, 2018 (1min)


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