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30% reduction in foreign aid to the PA in 2016

Headline: “Al-Malki: There is a large decline in aid to the PA, which is estimated to be 70% compared to last year”
“In everything connected to support of the State of Palestine’s budget, [PA Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad] Al-Malki replied that there are headings connected to support of the budget, and there are detailed clauses that have been formulated that are connected to the mechanisms of the aid. He praised the decision that emphasizes the need to provide an Arab security net of an estimated $100,000,000 a month to the State of Palestine so that it will be able to deal with the pressures and the financial hardships, and to support the Al-Aqsa and Intifada Fund (established by the Arab league after the outbreak of the second Intifada - the PA terror campaign 2000-2005 –Ed.). He said: ‘The decisions that were ratified are important, but at the moment a mechanism is required for the implementation of the financial decisions, because the current Palestinian financial situation is difficult, and there is a large reduction in foreign aid to the PA, which is estimated at 70% compared to last year [2015] or the year before it. Therefore we must seek new solutions, for some of which we return to the Arab home that adopts the Palestinian cause, in order to request aid in these difficult conditions.”
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PA Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki made these statements after participating in a meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Arab League.

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