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PA daily editorial: Israel, the “Palestinian Interior,” allows entry to Palestinians on holidays in order to steal money from Palestinians

Editorial of the official PA daily

Headline: “Easements of fraud and temptation”

“There is no doubt that the Israeli occupation is always seeking… something that will destroy the resolve. This is by harming the [Palestinian people’s] national spirit, dismantling its social, economic, and cultural elements… and the military checkpoints that the occupation has turned into crossings of oppression and humiliation.

It opens [the crossings'] gates at every holiday of ours for its aggressive goals… not for trips and entertainment, but rather for its markets, so that they will swallow from the pockets of our people the money that they saved to enjoy the holiday.

In truth, these ‘easements’ that the Israeli occupation announces shortly before every one of our holidays are actually easements for its markets…

Therefore, on this holiday let’s go to a place that will not achieve the occupation's malicious goals. And if we go to the Palestinian Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel), then let us go to Jerusalem, the capital, to our people there, to their markets, businesses, and parks.”