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Zionist “gangs” have carried out more than 120 “massacres” since 1948 – op-ed

Excerpt of an op-ed by Education Lecturer at Bethlehem University Yousef Adawi

“Here, the war of genocide that is being waged by the Zionist movement gangs – which are embodied today by what is called the Israeli occupation state defense forces (i.e., the Israeli army) – against the isolated Palestinian people that always seeks peace continues from before 1948 until the writing of this article. The Zionists have committed more than 120 massacres that are documented in detail, whose victims were thousands of Palestinian civilians, most of them women, children, and the elderly, and they were documented by Palestinian, Arab, and international sources. The goal of these massacres was to kill the greatest possible number of Palestinians, to scare the people and frighten it, and to cause it to leave its land, forget it, and abandon its cause and homeland, never to return.”

Published by Al-Isra Magazine, September-October 2019

Al-Isra Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published by Dar Al-Ifta, the official PA body for issuing religious rulings that is headed PA Grand Mufti Muhammad Hussein.