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Iran “is seeking to arm the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank”

Headline: "Iran: We will act to arm the Palestinians in the West Bank"

"Iranian Supreme Spiritual Leader [Ali Khamenei’s] Military Advisor Yahya Rahim Safavi declared that his country is seeking to arm the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank, and added that 'Iran is placing the arming of the West Bank among its priorities after it failed to transfer the missile technology to it.'

Safavi emphasized: 'There is more and more proof that the Israeli regime will disappear from the region,’ and emphasized that Khamenei said that 'Israel will disappear in the next 25 years.'

Safavi noted that 'The Iranian support for the Palestinians is one of the basic principles of the Islamic revolution, and it will continue until the erasure of the Zionist regime and the Zionist movement.'

He emphasized that 'The strategy of arming the West Bank is one of the priorities based on the directives of Supreme Spiritual Leader [Khamenei], and that holy and armed Jihad has become more popular now both in Gaza and the West Bank.'"