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Op-ed: Palestinians are creative, resists through incendiary devices on kites, balloons

Excerpt of op-ed by Lebanese politician Ghazi Aridi

Headline: "Palestine will continue to belong to its excellent residents"

"Despite the terror, siege, expansion and settlement policy, expropriation of rights, and attempts to deny the Palestinians their elementary rights, they are proving daily that they are a creative, strong, productive, and educated people…

A new report from Palestine: Iyad Ahmed Al-Souqi from the Jenin Elementary School for Boys won a prize [as one of] the best 100 teachers in the world, and this was at a ceremony that was held in India with the participation of teachers from 70 states. Iyad is one of the most prominent teachers in the world, and he was preceded by male and female teachers who we have already written about in the past. So how could this people possibly be defeated? And what would happen if it had an independent state and complete science, research, and academic institutions with all of the equipment and technology? This is a creative people. It resists through weapons, kites, balloons (refers to kites and balloons with attached incendiary devices sent to Israel from the Gaza Strip –Ed.), education, engineering, medicine, resolve, faith, and willpower."