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PA describes attempted stabber as a "Martyr" who was "executed" in "cold blood"

Headline: “The occupation executes a female resident in cold blood at the Qalandiya checkpoint”

“The [PA] Ministry of Health yesterday [Sept. 18, 2019] announced the death as a Martyr of female resident [Ala’ Wahdan] (i.e., terrorist, attempted to stab Israeli soldiers), who was shot by occupation soldiers next to Qalandiya checkpoint, north of occupied Jerusalem.

A video that spread on social media showed the occupation police personnel shooting the female resident - who did not constitute a danger to them - from close range.

Eyewitnesses pointed out that the female resident was wounded and the occupation forces left her to bleed for a long time before she was arrested. They explained that they shot her after she mistook the pedestrian path next to the checkpoint (sic., she approached them with a drawn knife). After shooting the female resident, the occupation police personnel attacked the residents at the site, sprayed them with pepper spray, prevented the laborers from entering, and closed the checkpoint from both sides.”

Ala’ Wahdan – Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab Israeli soldiers at the Qalandiya checkpoint, north of Jerusalem, on Sept. 18, 2019. The soldiers shot and killed Wahdan during the attempted attack.