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Students wave swords, create map of “Palestine” that erases Israel in activity at PA girls' school promoting solidarity with prisoners

Official PA TV News, on an open day activity about prisoners at the Palestine Elementary School for Girls in Ya’abad

Official PA TV reporter: “The sight of support for the prisoners’ resolve and their struggle against the prison guard was not absent from the open day, which was organized here at the Palestine Elementary School for Girls in Ya’abad.”

Palestine Elementary School for Girls Principal Najwa Qabha: “Instilling the national spirit in our students and the strength of the homeland – because the homeland (sound lost due to broadcast error –Ed.)… We are with you in [our] heart and soul. What we can [do] as educational staff with our students in the framework of the school in our village is stand firm. From the beloved village of Ya’abad, what we can give them [is] that we will be with them in heart and soul in this [hunger strike] battle that they are waging – their numbers have reached over 400.”

Reporter: “The girls made and presented other goal-oriented poetic, artistic, and heritage segments during the open day, which took place at the same time as the approaching Prisoner’s Day, [and] which indicated their love for Palestine and its heritage and cultural identity.”

Student Yafa Athamneh: “This day reminds us of our rights in our land of Palestine that is occupied by the Zionist occupation. Our message that we are directing to the prisoners is that we always support them and stand firm. We support them both morally and physically, and we wish them release from prison – Allah willing, release.”


Students during the open day activities are wearing keffiyehs (Arab headdresses) and waving swords in their hands.

The PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas is seen made out of candles arranged on the ground.