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Fatah condemns Hamas’ insistence on holding Palestinian elections without Jerusalem

Headline: “Fatah condemns Hamas’ position regarding holding elections without Jerusalem”

“The Fatah Movement condemned the Hamas Movement’s position regarding general elections in Jerusalem and expressed its surprise over this. It demanded that [Hamas] clarify its position on the matter.

[Fatah] Revolutionary Council member and Fatah Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi said in a press release yesterday [Dec. 16, 2019]: ‘Fatah’s position from the start has been that the elections must take place in all parts of the homeland, and foremost among them Jerusalem. We are working day and night with all of the international bodies in order to pressure Israel, in order to extricate from it an agreement to hold the elections in Jerusalem.’ He emphasized that ‘The pressure to issue a presidential order on holding general elections without Jerusalem is suspicious.’”