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PA daily editorial: US and Israel want to “slaughter” the Arab nation and plunder its resources

Headline: “It has gone too far”

“‘We can no longer bear the existing situation, and will be forced to take critical steps’ – with these clear and determined words in his speech at the Arab [League] Summit in Tunisia [on March 31, 2019], [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas did not complain to anyone about the difficulty of the existing situation that Palestine, the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian cause are in, but rather drew the attention… of the Arab leaders to the dangers lying in wait for the states of the Arab nation…

It has gone too far, and the meaning of ‘critical steps’ is among other things that we will not be the ‘Indians’ of this nation – and our apologies to the Indian nation, which has suffered from the most despicable massacres by the American settlers who killed more than 100 million of its people with bullets and epidemics until their defeat on the American continent!

The meaning of our critical steps will also undoubtedly be that security and stability will not be possible at all throughout the Arab region if Jerusalem remains occupied, and if the Palestinian people remains without the state to which it is entitled…

The fact that some Arabs do not see that the Arab states and peoples… are all currently on the deck of Palestine’s ship… will continue to be a fatal mistake. If the ship sinks, they will also sink. Let no one in this nation think that the personal lifeboats are an option, as there are no safe shores for such boats. This is because the plans of the American and Israeli racist right-wing seek nothing but to swallow the Arab nation, with its past, present, and future. They do not view the members of this nation as people deserving a secure and dignified life, but rather as herds that must be slaughtered after they plunder all of their resources!

Of course our critical steps will first be taken here, against the Israeli occupier, its settlement crimes, and its bloody racist policy. They will also be taken against Hamas’ wild behavior with the policy of oppressing and abusing our people in the stricken Gaza Strip and its chasing after [US President Donald] Trump’s rotten deal (referring to Trump’s as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan –Ed.) out of a humiliating willingness to execute it!”