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‎"The son is always right, and the daughter is wrong" - message to ‎kids from Palestinian parents

Victim of domestic violence Nour: “Since I was little I noticed that the family prefers ‎male over female… [My parents] provided us with all our needs in life equally, but there ‎were things-”‎
Official PA TV host: “Basic [things], like education.”‎
Nour: “Exactly, in which they prefer the son over the daughter… The mother prefers ‎that the brother has control and power over the daughter for her entire life…‎”‎
Nour: “The son is always right, and the daughter is wrong. Everything she does in her ‎life is a mistake. To visit her female friends is forbidden, even though all her friends ‎visit each other, go out with each other, and manage their social lives normally. The ‎boy can participate in whatever he wants, specialize in whatever field he wants – ‎whether it is in education, school, [sports] competitions, or social activities. In contrast, ‎for the daughter it is forbidden, forbidden, forbidden.”‎‎