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Israel tests “experimental” drugs on prisoners, “every day a Martyr prisoner will die… of calculated neglect” released prisoner repeats PA libels

Released prisoner Samir Abu Fayed: "It’s expected that every day a Martyr prisoner will die. I don’t want to provide a negative image or frighten the prisoners’ families… This is deliberate and calculated neglect. There is no diagnosis for a prisoner. You go to the clinic, or to the so-called “clinic,” [and the doctor] doesn’t diagnose your illness… He gives you experiments… Most of the medicine we take is sedatives or experimental [drugs] – if the precise term is experimental - like an experiment. [If] it worked for you, it worked. [If] it didn’t work, there is no solution."

Samir Abu Fayed – Released prisoner. PMW was unable to determine the ‎nature of his crimes.‎

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