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PA libel: Palestinian prisoners are “suffering from various types of torture... and receiving barbaric and cruel treatment” by Israel

Headline: “Ashrawi: Israel bears the legal and moral responsibility for prisoner Abu Wa’er’s death as a Martyr” 


“PLO Executive Committee member [and head of the PLO Department of Diplomacy and Public Policy] Hanan Ashrawi said that the death as a Martyr of cancer patient prisoner Kamal Abu Wa’er (i.e., terrorist, involved in the murder of at least 4 people) as a result of deliberate medical negligence [by Israel] (sic., see note below) is proof of the severity of the situation in the occupation’s (i.e., Israel’s) prisons, the severity of the conditions of the Israeli detention centers, the various types of torture from which the prisoners are suffering, and the fact that they are receiving barbaric and cruel treatment from those responsible for the prisons. 

In a statement, Ashrawi emphasized yesterday evening, Tuesday [Nov. 10, 2020], that Abu Wa’er’s death as a Martyr is an additional crime in Israel’s record, which is full of crimes and deliberate violations of international law and human rights.” 

Kamal Abu Wa’er – Palestinian terrorist and member of the PA Presidential Security Force 17 who participated in a number of lethal terror attacks including: the murder of Israeli border policeman Madhat Yousef in a shooting attack at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus on Oct. 1, 2000; the murder of Rabbi Benjamin Herling in a shooting attack at Mount Eival on Oct. 19, 2000; the shooting and murder of Arnaldo Agranionic, a guard at the town of Itamar, on May 8, 2001; and the murder of 16-year-old Aliza Malka in a drive-by shooting near the entrance of Kibbutz Meirav on Aug. 9, 2001. Abu Wa’er is serving 6 life sentences.

Libel on medical abuse of Palestinian prisoners - the PA claims that Israel abuses Palestinian prisoners, through medical neglect, medical experiments, and by intentionally infecting them with diseases. However, the International Red Cross regularly visits these prisoners and has not documented or accused Israel of any of these claims. Likewise, lists of demands occasionally issued by the prisoners during hunger strikes - such as during one in 2011 - include no demands relating to these claims. PMW has documented prisoners talking about how they "lack nothing" in the prisons, and that "the worst thing about Israeli prison" is riding in a prison vehicle that has no padding on the seat. When PMW contacted the Israeli Ministry of Health in 2007 regarding PA claims of medical experiments on prisoners, the ministry responded: "Clinical testing on prisoners in prison was never approved, never performed, and is most certainly not taking place at present."