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PA Government and Ministry of Education instructs students to “resist and rise up” – riots and violence

Official PA TV host: "How are you in Palestine acting to broaden the popular struggle and increase it in order to hurt the Israeli occupation?" …

Waed Karram, young Palestinian from Bethlehem: "When there is about to be a demonstration, we don’t wait to gather [the youth] in the street… in order to bring them. An announcement goes out from the [PA] Ministry of Education that tomorrow after 12:00 a.m. or after the fourth lesson the school day ends, and these school students need to go from this area towards the points of friction [with Israelis] in order to resist and rise up in order to have their say before the occupier. Therefore, these ways of directing the [school] students – and the university students of course, not just the school students – to these points [of friction] is so that [the students] will understand… that the decision to resist is not just an individual decision, but rather it comes from the PA in general, from the government ministries, and from the [Ministry of] Education."