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Red Cross spokesman on visits to Palestinians in Israeli prisons: We ‎report “if something contradicts international humanitarian law” ‎

Red Cross Spokesman in the West Bank and Jerusalem Yahya ‎Maswadeh: "I want to emphasize that the visits of the International Committee ‎‎[of the Red Cross] representatives to the prisons still continue [during the ‎Coronavirus pandemic]" …‎

Official PA TV newsreader: "You mentioned that… the provision of the ‎necessary services are a right for everyone who is behind bars and for the ‎prisoners. In the occupation’s prisons [they] neglect providing all these ‎services to the Palestinian prisoners. What is the Red Cross’ role in exerting ‎the necessary pressures on the occupation authorities and the Israeli Prison ‎Service to provide all that the prisoners need‏" ?‏‎…‎

Yahya Maswadeh: "We are conducting activities and regular visits. Almost ‎every week we have visits to monitor the situation inside the prisons. If we ‎notice anything, the picture is conveyed in full and forcefully to the detaining ‎authorities in order to change these matters. - That is if we find something ‎that contradicts or goes against international humanitarian law inside these ‎prisons."