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PA song “with value”: “O self-sacrificing fighter – make sure ‎your bullets hit the target”‎

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV narrator: “Because songs are a basic part of our culture and ‎they express our national identity… and because these songs are present in ‎our consciousness and still fascinate us with values and meanings… It’s ‎here: “The Tune of the Homeland.”‎

Singer: “O self-sacrificing fighter – make sure your bullets hit the target”‎

Choir: “Hit it, hit it” …‎
Singer: “Your blood is Arab”‎

Choir: “Palestinian” …‎

Official PA TV narrator: “Who is the singer and the composer of the song: “O ‎self-sacrificing fighter – make sure your bullets hit the target”? ‎

Singer: ‎
‎“O self-sacrificing fighter – cause the outbreak [of the revolution] like a ‎volcano
O self-sacrificing fighter, ignite it, ignite it everywhere
Make sure the cannon is a fire burning by night
Make sure [the Israelis’] day does not emerge”‎

[Official PA TV, The Tune of the Homeland, Jan. 29 (twice), 30, Feb. 1 (twice), 2, 3 (twice), 2021]

The Tune of the Homeland is a quiz program on official PA TV ‎playing highly violent pro-terror songs, which is often broadcast during the ‎‎4:00-5:00 p.m. time slot for children's programming on official PA TV. The ‎broadcast of songs promoting hate and violence immediately after animated ‎children's shows should not be seen as a coincidence, but rather as part of ‎the PA's indoctrination of children.

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