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Libel: Israeli soldiers fabricate Palestinian attacks and shoot Palestinians “just for crossing the street”

Palestinian landowner Muhammad Abu Suway: "The Martyrs are not something new… Just today there was a Martyr. Tomorrow there will be a Martyr. After that there will be a Martyr. They shoot them just for crossing the street because of the [occupation] army’s fear. Because of their cowardliness. Because of their fear. Is that a machine gun? Is that a knife? Is there a stabbing? You say there is a Martyr, show me who the Martyr harmed. Who did he wound? They commit [crimes] – they are afraid because of their cowardliness – with their weapons. Due to their fear, they see a person and tell you he is like this."

The speaker made this comment after an unidentified Palestinian terrorist on Jan. 31, 2021, attempted to stab Israeli soldiers who then shot him in self-defense.

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