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Distortion: Fatah says terrorist stabber was shot dead “on a pretext”

Headline: “Young Zuhdi Al-Tawil died as a Martyr next to French Hill, the occupation attacks young people in Sheikh Jarrah”

“Zuhdi Al-Tawil (i.e., terrorist, stabbed 2), a 17-year-old youth… was shot by the occupation forces and died as a Martyr yesterday [May 24, 2021,] in the French Hill area of occupied Jerusalem, after a stabbing operation by extremist Israelis (sic., Al-Tawil stabbed 2 Israelis before being shot)…
The occupation police turned the area into a military base, after it was closed and rescue teams were deployed, without treatment being given to the injured young man. The police handcuffed him despite his severe injury, and his blood flowed into the ground.

Local sources said that the Martyr is an outstanding high school student in the sciences track…
An image was published on social media of the Martyr on the ground handcuffed with his schoolbag next to him.”

The article includes a picture of terrorist Zuhdi Al-Tawil.

Zuhdi Al-Tawil - 17-year-old Arab terrorist from Jerusalem who stabbed and wounded two Israelis near the Israeli Police National Headquarters in Jerusalem, near Ammunition Hill, on May 24, 2021, before being shot and killed by an Israeli border patrol officer at the scene.