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Palestinian scholar refers to the "so-called Jewish nation" on PA TV; ionism was an integral part of an "imperialist plan to seize the Arab homeland"

On the PA TV history program Witnesses and Testimonies, Palestinian scholar Anis Fawzi Al-Qassam talks about the drafts of the Balfour Declaration drawn up by Haim Weizmann and claims that one of them read, ‘The Zionist movement is the sole and legitimate representative of the so-called Jewish nation’ and other scholars express the belief that Zionism was part of a colonialist plan:
 Palestinian scholar Khaled Ayed: “The Zionist enterprise in its entirety is essentially a settlement enterprise which began at the end of the 19th century. It was and remains based on bringing over Jewish immigrants, seizing Arab land in Palestine by all possible means, and establishing colonies.”
Lebanese scholar Mas’oud Zaher: “The Zionist enterprise is an integral part of the imperialist plan to seize the Arab homeland and other parts of the world. This period of the imperialist plan witnessed every sort of fascism, Nazism, Zionism, dictatorship and military regimes – all of these served the imperialist master plan. Zionism, like fascism, Nazism, dictatorship and the military regimes, including the Arab ones, served – and continue to serve – this plan.”