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"We will liberate Palestine with our weapons" sing Gazan protesters at rally to celebrate Fatah – "Not one of us is sparing his blood"

Video and text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page


Posted text: “#Fatah”



The video shows a Fatah rally held in the Gaza Strip on Jan. 1, 2020, for the 55th anniversary of “the Launch” of Fatah,counted from its first terror attack against Israel. The rally was named “Jerusalem, Our Capital and the Pearl in the Crown.”

A child dressed in military uniform and wearing a keffiyeh (Arab headdress) around his neck is holding what appears to be a toy assault rifle.

The event includes a performance by a band and orchestra playing Fatah songs, including the following two songs.




“The Palestinian people – a revolution

A revolution against Zionism

It has carried its weapons and begun its struggle

Take, [O] struggle, and give to me –

Take my blood, and give me victories


The sun of blood that is above my mountains

Will embrace the flowers of my earthquake

I am confronting you with my bullets

O my enemy, stop in front of me

And you will not cross...


Make the stab, I will fire back

O my enemy, count your days

The revolution is behind you everywhere

Not one of us is sparing his blood

We have declared revolution…


Light a fire in these [refugee] tents

And throw the supplies tickets [into it]

There is no reconciliation and no submission

We will liberate Palestine with our weapons”




“We appeared in the bases, we appeared

We waved [Degtyaryov] DP machine guns and RPG [rocket propelled grenade launchers]

With our bullets we entered [the field of] death and did not fear

We carried out the operation and returned

Welcome back


We have missed the people whom the enemy encountered

Stomp your foot, our revolution, trample

And ascend in our bullets and our bombs

Clear the path of return, O our revolution, clear it

The Martyrs’ blood illuminates our path

And we are loyal to the oath, O our comrades

We will complete our long road

And by the revolution, we will not relinquish our weapons

Welcome back”

Intilaqa - "the Launch" refers to the beginning of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to blow up Israel's National Water Carrier.