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Prisoners serving life sentences glorified by their family on PA TV

PA TV program For You visits homes of Mustafa Ghanimat, Ziyad Ghanimat, and Muhammad Al-Tus, all of whom are serving a life sentence.
Uncle of Mustafa Ghanimat: "I salute Mustafa Amer [Ghanimat], Ziyad [Ghanimat] and [Muhammad] Al-Tus, and all the Palestinian prisoners. I salute them because they are our role models and the history of our lives."
PA TV camera focuses on plaque with logos of PA and of the Prisoners' Club. Inscription reads:
"The life sentence will surely be broken. Dedicated to the symbol of resolve, the heroic prisoner, Ziyad Mahmoud Muhammad Ghanimat, in appreciation and gratitude for your national struggle. Oh mountain, wind will not move you. April 17th."
Son of Muhammad Al-Tus: "Abu Shadi Al-Tus is a veteran fighter. As I said, he was arrested in 1985. Abu Shahi Al-Tus is, of course, my father. I am full of pride and honor to be his son."

Note: Muhammad Al-Tus - Fatah terrorist. Led a cell that attacked five civilian buses, wounding 16 passengers. Gave the orders to murder 3 people. Was involved in the murders of another 2 people. Imprisoned since 1985 and sentenced to life in prison.
Mustafa Ghanimat - Murdered 2 Israelis in 1985 near the city of Beit-Shemesh. Sentenced to life in prison.