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Fatah Advisory Council member: Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a “religious war”

     "Palestinian philosopher and member of the Fatah Advisory Council, Ahmed Ghneim, called to adopt what he referred to as a program for the Palestinization of Jerusalem as well as a clear Palestinian world-view for dealing with the program of Israelization which Israel is carrying out in Jerusalem… This was during a conference held by the Ministry of Information in Qalqilya yesterday evening… Ahmed Ghneim spoke about the historical background of Jerusalem… Ghneim reviewed the repeated efforts of the Zionist movement to seek a legend that would draw Jews throughout the world, and turn them from a religion into a nation… He noted that the insistence on declaring Jerusalem the eternal capital [of the Jewish people] means that the war is a religious war, even though Israel has no right to Jerusalem – not religiously, not legally, not politically, and not historically."