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PA PM alleges that Israel uses snipers to take out rock throwers

Official PA TV program Speak Plainly hosted PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah about the escalation of the situation in Jerusalem and the need for an international response.
PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah: “Israel must cease the ongoing aggression in Jerusalem, which increases with every passing day. Yesterday, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu decided to bring snipers [to Jerusalem] in order to shoot at the rock throwers. Well, where is the world in light of this? We are a people under occupation, and (interrupts himself) we all resist the occupation in non-violent ways, but now [Netanyahu] brings snipers to shoot at the rock throwers. Where [else] does such a thing happen in the world?”
Official PA TV host: “[To shoot] at children.”
PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah: “Why does the world remain silent, strangely and suspiciously, in the face of Israel’s conduct?”

Use of firearms against those who throw rocks and firebombs - Following the violent events of September 2015 in which Palestinians threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli homes and cars in Jerusalem, killing one Israeli and wounding several, the use of Ruger .22-caliber rifles by the police was approved by Israel's General Attorney, Yehuda Weinstein, at the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Policemen have been instructed to shoot only in life threatening situations and to aim at the rock throwers’ legs.