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PA daily: Israel shot a doll after mistaking it for a real Palestinian and forgot to place a knife to justify the shooting

Headline: "The occupation executed a doll in Nabi Salah and forgot to place a knife next to it"
"The occupation soldiers shot a doll resembling a Palestinian peasant in a garden of a home in the village of Nabi Salah, West of Ramallah, because they mistook it for a real person.
Teacher Abdallah Al-Tamimi made the statue and dressed it in traditional Palestinian clothes as an educational tool for a class about the [Palestinian] peasants for school students. However, he did not know that his doll would become a target, because it looks like a Palestinian man, and that like any Palestinian it will be taken for a suspect and face the danger of getting killed, and that afterwards the occupation will take out of its pocket the excuse it considers appropriate for justifying the murder. It seems that the statue took the occupation soldiers by surprise, and at night, when they invaded the village in order to arrest citizens, they mistook the statue for a man who could be lying in wait for them in the house's garden, and they immediately shot at him in order to kill him. After the shooting, the occupation forces brought military reinforcement to the area, and they realized they had shot a doll, which the soldiers quickly moved to the street and burned in order to hide their crime and their panic. The residents found this incident ridiculous but at the same time they considered it a sign that [the Israeli army] does not hesitate before shooting Palestinians, and of the fabrication of the accusations [of Palestinians] trying to stab soldiers, which comes after. The residents responded with bitterness and pain, saying that perhaps the occupation soldiers have forgotten to place a knife next to the doll and accuse it of stabbing and lightly injuring one of them in order to justify its execution."