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PA denies Abbas Zaki represents the PA, wants Iran to transfer money to terrorists’ families only through the PA

Headline: “The presidency: Iran’s special ways constitute blatant interference in internal Palestinian and Arab matters”
“A press release from the president’s [Abbas’] office yesterday evening [Feb. 27, 2016] stated that [Fatah Central Committee member] Abbas Zaki represents only himself, and does not represent the PLO or the PA in anything related to his statements regarding Iran’s support of Martyrs’(Shahids) families.
In response to what Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament Hussein Sheikh Al-Islam said… when he revealed that Tehran will transfer the funds in its special ways, official spokesman for the president’s office [and Fatah Central Committee member] Nabil Abu Rudeina stated that it would be more effective if Iran transferred the funds in an official manner to the institute of Martyrs and prisoners (this possibly refers to a PLO institution that deals with Martyrs and wounded –Ed.) which fulfills its duties to Palestine’s heroes and their families, instead of turning to underhanded ways and illegal means. The official spokesman said that the statements of the Iranian official are unacceptable, and they constitute not only disregard of the legitimate Palestinian government, but also a violation of all laws, including international laws, which regulate relations between states. Likewise, he noted that it is considered unacceptable interference in Palestinian and Arab internal affairs. He also said that these statements (i.e., of the Iranian official) do not serve the Palestinian struggle against the occupation and the struggle to protect Jerusalem and the holy sites.”