Why does PMW publicize negative news items from the PA media and education?
PMW believes that the key to the future is peace education.
The Palestinian children have not been given that key. For years the PA has offered their children the opposite: hate education.
The Israeli and world media keep portraying reality as if the PA has peaceful intentions. However, the PA school books and media are full of incitement to hate and violence, glorification of terrorists, denial of Israel’s right to exist as well as demonization of Jews and Israelis.
PMW wants to complete the picture of PA society, bringing the world to understand the obstacles to peace. The hate promotion in PA society is a significant part of that picture. The small parts we publicize add to an honest and full picture of the PA culture.
The only answer to these hate messages is to expose them - even if it is again and again - in whatever versions they appear, so that we do not become immune to them. Unless hate education and incitement is stopped, it will destroy any chance for peace.
When we expose Palestinian hate material it is not incitement against Palestinians but with the hope that the world will force them to begin educating the young generation to peace.
Positive items about Israel, Jews and peace are unfortunately few and far between. The day PA demonstrates a sincere wish to be at peace with Israel we will be the first to know, celebrate, and publicize it. Until that time we must know reality and face reality and hopefully prevent future tragedies.

Who are the PMW translators?

PMW translators are experts in Arabic with many years of study and experience, including university degrees. For some, Arabic is their mother tongue. Our translators study Palestinian society by monitoring written and visual media for hours daily and all have a profound understanding of the Palestinian world.